Proudly Announce The Launch of GO Trace by App Samurai

Wouldn’t it be useful if you are able to monitor affiliate tracking links without wasting your time? Sure, it would!
App Samurai launched affiliate link testing and monitoring platform, GO Trace! We know the importance of checking the affiliate links and fixing broken ones.

In Short, Affiliate Link Is

In the simplest form, affiliate link is a specific URL containing affiliate’s ID or username. Advertisers use the affiliate links to monitor the traffic to the advertiser’s website and sale or traffic commissions are credited to the affiliate. When visitors on the affiliate’s site click on the advertisement and go to the advertiser’s site, the affiliate may receive a commission if that click leads to a sale. However, the path of affiliate program includes more than one affiliate.
The tracking behind affiliate links is handled automatically by the retailer’s affiliate platform. Generally, you have an access to tracking reports and additional promotional materials inside the retailer’s affiliate platform. But, the crucial point in the affiliate world is to know whether your advertisers’ tracking link is broken.

GO Trace Is On The Stage!

At this point, I want GO Trace to the stage. It belongs to App Samurai family. This fresh product is the most useful affiliate link testing and monitoring platform. Let’s see what it makes the most useful!

  • It shows you the roadmap of your affiliate links by pasting your tracking link and selecting country and platform. As you see, it is very easy!
  • One of the undesirable situations of affiliate marketing is a broken link. We know it is hard to notice the broken links among hundreds of affiliate links. GO Trace saves you from wasting your valuable time. It will ALWAYS alert you when one of your advertisers’ tracking link is broken thanks to its smart notification system!
  • How often you want to monitor your affiliate links is up to you. You can choose hourly, daily, or weekly interval to monitor your affiliate links to get smart notifications.
  • These notifications are sent via Slack or email based on your monitoring interval. Everything is going to be well!

All in all, it tests all your affiliate links regularly and let you know if something goes wrong with any of them!

If you sign up, you will gain free 250 GTs to test your affiliate links and monitor them without requiring credit card information. By the way, you can try GO Trace without signing up!

By the way, GO Trace was submitted on Product Hunt! We’ll be very happy to get your valuable feedback to make GO Trace even better! ✌

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