App Samurai Joined Techstars Berlin 2017!

Since we launched on June 2016, we tell, advocate, and care about the same thing: As a startup founded by passionate entrepreneurs, we deeply know how hard it is to survive in the market even for an amazing app. Because we have experience built-up over years in our app marketing agency that serves for both giants and startups, we got a chance to witness all the problems and obstacles that startups face. This is why we burn with helping startups to reach the success they deserve and this is why we developed App Samurai!
Since App Samurai was founded, we focus only on to improve it every single second. And today, we are very excited to announce that App Samurai joined Techstars Berlin 2017! In the path to being your only trusted partner during your success journey, it means a lot to us.
For the ones who wonder why this has such an importance for us, here is why…

We share and believe in the same vision!

As Techstars team do, we do believe that:

“Great people create great companies and great entrepreneurs are everywhere! “

Techstars aims to help entrepreneurs build great businesses and this is what we are passionate about. We know we have a lot of things to do for you as great entrepreneurs to be a part of your success story. As Techstars highlights, we believe that we can Do More Faster to be your most trusted partner. This is why we believe that we are on the right track with Techstars Berlin!

We Give First

As an advertising tool for startups, we always base our development and marketing efforts as “you-oriented”. We know how hard it is to trust and work with third party solutions to reach success and this is why we only focus on providing you the best experience in the market. In this way, we developed different award-winning campaigns just because we know that we need your support and feedbacks.

This is the second point of why Techstars is important for us. We know that giving and sharing is one of their main principles and we know that this will give an amazing chance to create more value for you!
We want to make you sure that joining Techstars is just an amazing beginning and an excellent journey for App Samurai in the way to serve you better! We promise you to provide the best value by combining our vision with Techstars’s values.
By the way, for the ones who are in Germany, it would be amazing to meet you there to have a cup of coffee!
Thank you for all the ones who share our thrill!

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