6 Tips For A Prosperous B2B Mobile Marketing

The web wastes information on tricks and strategies for companies to improve their products and services and their communication with consumers (B2C, or business to consumer). But when it comes to strategy for communication between two businesses (B2B, or business to business), things get complicated. It is essential to take into account technological advances and new trends in digital marketing when carrying out this type of campaign.

Mobile Marketing for B2B

Without a doubt, the engine of B2B marketing is content marketing. There are many companies present in the B2B market that flood the Internet and social networks with technical documents, webinars and other specialized content. However, the main error lies in the way in which companies market this content.

The most common way to do this is to link forms, through which companies interested in acquiring this information or products can register for the offer. However, generally, these forms are usually sent via email and are downloaded in PDF format … Do you already find out where the problem is going?

41 percent of emails are read from mobile devices and 20 percent of web traffic is also generated through smartphones. Besides, according to Hubspot, 15 percent of the time spent on the Internet from mobile is spent on social networks.

Hand Showing Mobile Phone With Success Chart

Therefore, it is very likely that the B2B content offered by a company through an email will be forgotten. First, because few businesses finally get to see these offers, and second because when doing it in most cases from a smartphone, they cannot access the PDF documents and end up frustrated and forgetting it before having the opportunity to connect from a PC.


Mobile Effects on B2B

For this reason, it is increasingly necessary to focus on B2B products and services on marketing for mobile devices. 

1. Make sure that both your business blog and marketing emails and the pages they link to are optimized for mobile.

2. Add a button such as “Send me this information myself” or “See later” on your product pages and in your emails. In this way, customers will be able to send themselves an email with this information attached to remember it shortly when they access the Internet from a computer.

3. If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to generate specific ads or campaigns for mobile devices. Be sure to include YouTube videos, links to blogs or any other type of engaging and exciting content that can be viewed comfortably from a smartphone.

4. If you are not optimizing your mobile marketing campaigns, keep in mind that this is similar to opt-out of advertising campaigns that include mobile impressions. There is little point in wasting money on paying for valuable mobile impressions when your content is not ready to be displayed this way.

5. Check (with Google Analytics) what percentage of visits are being made by mobile devices to access your website. If you are a retail, your mobile visits can represent up to 50% of total traffic. If you are a B2B, your mobile visits may be closer to 15%. But, in any case, tracking mobile visits versus computer visits can give you ideas about how your potential customers are finding information about your products or services.

6. Send relevant messages as a fundamental part of mobile marketing. The right way is to suggest to your clients or prospects that they accept mobile marketing messages and indicate their interests when registering. For example, if your company participates in a trade fair, you can encourage people to register for a free raffle by scanning a QR code at your stand where they can indicate their preferences.


Once you have the mobile strategy of your B2B business under control, it will be time to start thinking about the social experience. Furthermore, these tips are applicable to many other types of businesses involved in innovation and new technologies, without necessarily being B2B. And you, have you already optimized your mobile marketing campaign?

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