Generational Marketing #2: Mobile Marketing Trends To Reach Gen X

The terms, generation X, generation Y, generation Z are well known; names given by the generations of individuals who lived through certain events in common.

We understand that generations are the age segmentation of consumers, that is, how people are divided according to the time in which they lived in direct relation to their year of birth.

With this practical marketing guide, you will be able to understand their general behaviors and the global events that mark them, as well as some tips on how to reach them.

Who is Generation X?

Although today everything seems to revolve around the so-called millennium generation, the truth is that there is incredible potential for brands to reach the heart of what would be their immediate predecessors: the so-called “generation X”. Those born from the mid-1960s to the entire 1970s are commonly associated with this group, reaching in some definitions also include the first years of the 1980s. A “litter” who was a manager and an eyewitness of what we know today as “the technological revolution”. The same that experienced firsthand the end of the analogue world and the rise of the digital universe.

They are the heirs of the so-called baby boomers and the parents of today’s world-famous millennials. Hence, its members are old enough to remember the birth of the internet and young enough to have quickly adapted to the changes brought about by the new technological environment. And it is that the natives of this generation have been protagonists of innovations that not only marked an era but also cemented the first steps towards the development of various areas, in particular, the music and computer industries. They had to experience the fury of the “walkman”, the birth of the CD, and the appearance of the first desktop computers. Perhaps that is why the ease of adaptation to change is an essential part of what defines them as a generation.

Along the same lines, the adults in this group are also characterized by their independent and entrepreneurial spirit. Hence, some experts also refer to this segment as “Generation Jones”, derived from the slang “jones”, a term popularly used in the United States to refer to people with great aspirations. In your daily life, it is about that generation that enjoys the facilities that technology offers you, while still appreciating an afternoon outdoors accompanied by a good book or a family walk. A reality that brands can take advantage of when connecting with them.

How is Generation X?

The name Generation X comes from the Douglass Copland novel of 1991 since this generation is children of the conservatives. However, they broke with everything that had been established until then.

  • They are very adaptable to change, committed to their interpersonal and work relationships.
  • For them, the internet represents the ideal space to create businesses, socialize, and find news on a daily basis.
  • As it is currently the most economically active generation, it generally has a higher socioeconomic level, which gives it the possibility of staying at a technological forefront.
  • The internet is a great way to reach Generation X since according to the study Giving Gen X Its Due: Analyzing a Market of 65 Million Consumers carried out by eMarketer, 80% of Generation X will make online purchases during this decade.

GENERATION X Buyer Personas

They lived: The end of the cold war and the fall of the Berlin wall. It is called so because: Following the novel “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture”, published in 1991.

Their characteristics: They have active, balanced, and happy lives; they dedicate their free time to culture, outdoor leisure or reading. “They are active in their communities, mostly satisfied with their jobs and able to balance work, family, and recreation.

They negotiate: According to the University of Liverpool, they prefer to close businesses online, with a face-to-face option if time permits.

They buy: Face to Face. They tend to reflect a lot on the reasons for their purchase, convince them with arguments. Take advantage of the discounts.
Socialize Email and text messages.

Particular technology: Laptops

Tips to Reach Them:

  1. Email Marketing: According to a study by InnoMedia, NuStats, and Vertis, 86% of the members of the ‘X’ generation check their email daily.
  2. Conventional advertising: Mass campaigns, print (spectacular, magazines), TV, and radio ads.
  3. Catalogues: Reviewing options, comparing, and checking discounts is common in them, whether printed or digital.

Conquer Generation X in Your Next Campaigns

  1. Nostalgia
    Surely you have seen that in recent months a wave of remembrance of the ’80s has been unleashed: Netflix series that allude to this decade both in its themes, settings, and music, sports, the resurgence of video games of the time. Although this factor is not exclusive to reach the heart of Generation X, it has been much more effective than with other of them, so including nostalgia as an element to transmit a message to them is highly functional.
  2. Video
    Various studies show that Generation X is highly inclined to download or share videos via online, in addition, 58% of them use streaming platforms such as YouTube in order to find useful information, so if you want to reach the X’s, the video it is the means.
  3. Calls to Action
    As we mentioned, Generation X stands out for being the most likely to share content, so integrating a clear and prominent call to action in your messages will lead you to carry out specific actions.
  4. Social Networks
    According to Nielsen’s report, Generation X is the most connected and has, in fact, become addicted to social media. While most of them use Facebook with great frequency, another of their favorite networks is Instagram, although with less presence than younger generations, and of course YouTube, in which 75% of them find videos from past years ( nostalgia), and 68% to be aware of the latest news.
  5. Discounts
    Generation X lived immersed in an era of great retail offers. Therefore they are more susceptible to coupons and discounts, especially when taking into account that it is an economically stable generation, but that has significant expenses such as income, tuition, and debts.

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