Mobile Audience Targeting: How to Hit The Bull’s Eye

It is very hard to be a mobile app owner, right? You have to handle the development process, to figure out a smashing designed and to build a smart marketing campaign. But everything gets a lot easier if you complete a mandatory step which is to know your target audience. And guess what? We will show you some efficient methods to do that. Hopefully, most of your concerns will disappear by the end of this article.

9 Useful Tips For Better Mobile Targeting

Because it is crucial to avoid losing time and money we advise you to use the techniques listed below. But don’t forget to follow the best practices for implementing them in order to reach the wanted results.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Well, this one is obvious. You need to discover the main characteristics of those customers interested in your app. Men or women? Or, maybe both. Age and location are other aspects very important for your plan. Don’t forget about users’ educational attainment and also their preferences which represent necessary elements for making the right decisions. Try to connect with potential users during the early stages of your research for understanding your buyer personas.

2. Gather Data With In – App Tracking

Another place where you can observe your users is … well, your app. Of course, this will be possible as long as you integrate the right tracking tools. Remember that we talked about the reasons why attribution tools are essential for eliminating the guessing when you want to focus on the most efficient marketing channel. Not only that but we offered you five trustful options. Select the one that fits your interests and make sure that you use the information received in the best possible way.

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3. Use Your Creativity For Targeting Specific Segments

Moving on, let’s see what you can do with all the data gathered. For more efficient mobile marketing campaigns you should focus on user segmentation. Creating specific groups that follow the same patterns allows you to have a better understanding of the people who appreciate your app. In case you wonder how to segment your app users, we recommend one of our articles where we described the necessary steps you need to make for selecting the right attributes.

4. Use Installed App Category Targeting

In the same time, you have the possibility to target those people who installed apps similar to what you offer. Here you have two solutions for choosing from. If you select Display Network App Installs Campaigns from Google you can opt for more specific places where your ad will be displayed. In the same manner Twitter for Business offers you the chance to reach Twitter users according to the categories of apps installed. Take a closer look to the official documentations and decide the most efficient option for your app.

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5. Display Ads To Relevant Countries

When you concentrate your strategy on specific countries it is better to select the ones that proved a higher conversion rate, like USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, etc. While this is entirely your decision you have to study really careful the statistics and to choose wisely according to your app category and operating system. You must know that ads for different types of apps show different results for Android and iOS devices based on specific zones.

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6. Publish On the Platforms Preferred By Your Target Audience

Knowing that apps perform differently according to the platform selected, you need to choose the best solution for your business. Should you build your app for iOS where users are more willing to spend money or for Android who represents the highest number of mobile devices? Well, if you go back to the first point of our discussion you will realize that it isn’t so difficult because you just need to find the platform suitable for your users’ profile. We already told you that in the moment you understand your customers it will be easier to present your app in the best form.

7. Use App Event Optimization

Wouldn’t be great to make sure that your app isn’t only installed and used, but customers also complete certain actions, like making purchases or achieving specific levels in a game. Well, Facebook’s owner already thought about this scenario and created App Event Optimization with this specific purpose. After installing Facebook SDK, developers have the opportunity to select the wanted app event from a drop down list. In case you want to discover more insights about Facebook App Ads we invite you to check one of our previous articles.

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8. Utilize Geo – Location Targeting

You already know that one of the most accurate forms of user targeting is offered by location – based advertising. It is true that you have to choose from various techniques like place – based targeting, geo – awareness, geo – fencing or geo – conquesting and to decide the right format that will attract potential users. But you can be sure that your ad will reach them in the moment they are more likely to pay attention to your promotional content. This will happen as long as you follow the best practices in optimizing your campaign.

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9. Run Cross – Channel Campaigns

We highlighted before that data is crucial for a well – designed strategy. Also, you must follow your customers as they use various devices. It is very challenging to target multiple channels and to allocate the proper amount of money for an efficient campaign. But the most laborious aspect is to offer a personalized experience overall. Even if it is very hard to manage such a complex plan keep in mind to track the most important elements and to optimize according to the results received.

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It is impressive how a single procedure can influence your entire campaign. When you want to promote your app it is mandatory to focus on those users that showed an interest for your work to make sure that you invest your resources in the best manner. It is not an easy task, but luckily with the evolution of marketing methods you have more solutions than ever to find your target audience.

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