Leveraging YouTubers To Boost Your App’s Virality

There is a permanent question that keeps all app owners up every night. “What are the most impressive factors that can contribute to the success of your app?”

  • Video is known as the leader of all advertising formats. What channel will do the best job in displaying amazing videos? YouTube, of course.


Image Source: http://www.digitalstrategyconsulting.com/intelligence/2017/03/app_ad_trends_mobile_video_ad_spend_dominates_gaming.php


  • Word Of Mouth is the most efficient method for spreading the word about your app. Again, what is the most suitable way to do that? Without doubt the answer is social media influencers.

Now, you do the math. Combining those two, the result takes us to YouTubers, which are, as every person can guess, influencers that run their activity through clips uploaded on YouTube. If the next question is: “How to do that?” then keep reading because we are about to answer it.

YouTube Still Has The Best ROI

YouTube is so powerful because if a video related to your app is uploaded now, its effects will be revealed even after a few months or years. This fact is called shelf life and YouTube offers you the longest period of visibility.

Massive Subscribed Audience
As you can see, the number of subscribers for the most popular YouTube channels published by Statista in 2017 is huge. And this is only the peak of the iceberg. The other channels are also followed by many YouTube adepts.

Rich Content
YouTube channels attract their subscribers through rich media which expresses in the best possible way the ideas of the ones that upload videos on this social network.

Clickable Links And CTAs
After watching a clip, it is very easy for viewers to continue their actions with the buttons displayed on YouTube. This way, users will know what to do after watching a video.

Tips To Reach Them

Because YouTube is an entire ecosystem and you are not alone in this world, we will present you a guide with the best practices for approaching a YouTuber.

A Simple Keywords Search On YouTube Channels

Yes, this is obvious, but sometimes we have to start with the simplest solution. Just go to YouTube and search for influencers that uploaded videos in which where presented apps similar to the one you have.


Get Contact Info

After you decided which influencer seems to be the one you were looking for, you just have to click on his name and you will discover his email address for business and other links for his social accounts. It is very handy to send him a message from About section of his channel.

Make A Good Pitch

For catching his attention, you need to have a well – structured plan if you want to convince an influencer to present your app to his audience.

Show Your Interest
First of all, you have to talk about the reasons of your message but in the same time, you need to show that you know his work and you understand his followers.

Clarify How His / Her Channel’s Audience Will Benefit From Your App
Secondly, you need to show him the advantages offered by your app for his fans. Demonstrate him that you won’t throw your app blindly into the crowd. Instead, you will offer a solution to a common problem of his viewers. This will convince him to show your app to his audience.

Offer Something Valuable To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationship
It depends on what you have to offer, but you can start with mutual service. For example, if he promotes your app on his YouTube channel, you will share his work on your social media accounts. Be creative and show him a win – win situation if he will accept to talk about your app.

7 YouTubers Every App Developer Should Know

Every influencer has his own style. That makes him unique. We will present you some of the most popular YouTubers in this domain.

Android At Night

Android At Night is the YouTube channel of Steve Wright. This influencer focuses his attention on all kinds of tutorials related to mobiles. He also has different videos were he recommends the apps that worth his fan’s attention. He remains in touch with his followers answering to their comments.


Lonnie is a funny guy who presents games and other stuff related to mobiles in his own manner. While he uses the app, he shows all the do’s and don’ts to his subscribers. He is an influencer very appreciated for his videos.

CrazyMikes Apps

For CrazyMikes Apps don’t let the name fool you. He takes his job really serious whether he presents a small game for kids or some big ones like FIFA 14. He gives all the required details for a great overall experience.


Phonecatss is a channel aimed to show you how to control a game and you can see the evolution of an app over time. This is a good strategy to convince subscribers to follow the videos for improving their skills.


TouchGameplay as the name sounds shows the gameplay for touch screens. Viewers will be impressed to discover live streams for their favorite game. In the image above you can see that in the moment of writing the article this channel was presenting a live video for all the fans. Nice touch(gameplay)!


HowToMen offers various types of videos concentrated on diverse topics for tech lovers. Those guys upload only high quality movies and explain everything very clear. If you observe the number of views for this clip you will realize how appreciated this channel is.


AppSpy is a channel which presents the story of each app in an interesting way. The British accent is a bonus for the entire experience. The number of viewers displayed above is gathered after 40 minutes since the clip was uploaded. Maybe you want your app to be there instead of Pavilion.

The Hardest: Choosing The Best One For Your App

Because there are so many YouTube stars available for promoting your app it becomes very difficult to observe the ideal one. Here are some points that will help you to take the right decision.

Check Relevance

You must find an influencer in your niche. For this, you have to analyze channel audience. Let’s say that you own a fitness app. You will need to search for influencers that promote healthy life and sports, not the ones that encourage users to eat junk food and to watch TV all day long. Promoting products that don’t fit in the picture will make influencers to lose their credibility and it won’t help you either.

Image Source: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/youtube-influencer-campaign-mistakes/


Check Audience Size

The popularity of an influencer on YouTube is determined by the average number of views. The higher this number is the bigger chances you will have to increase your user base.

Check Quality Of Content

Even if an influencer has millions of fans, not all the content provided suites your app. It is important to match his point of view with your style. The solution is to watch his language and to observe the patterns in his presentations.

Check Engagement Rates

For the engagement rate you will analyze the number of views and interactions of followers with the videos displayed by an influencer. It is not enough to frequently upload clips, but he needs to impress his audience with his ideas.

Check Consistency

Another important factor that will show you the right path is the frequency in creating videos. If somebody doesn’t have time to communicate his message more often than once a month than you won’t reach the wanted effect. Most of the influencers listed above upload videos almost daily. This fact attracts their fans and increases the engagement rate.

Check Influence Rate

Influence rate shows the effects of YouTubers’ work. For this you can see the number of viewers that convert into subscribers and the number of shares for their videos. This is one of the key points in discovering the best influencer for your app.

Image Source: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/youtube-influencer-campaign-mistakes/



Sometimes the solution is right in front of your eyes. You just need to connect the dots. Influencers are not out of this world. They are people just like you but they proved their experience and persuaded millions of people to listen to them or, in our case to watch them. Now, it is your turn to convince one of them to speak about your app. We just showed you how to do it. The next step is to adapt our guidelines to your app. Be creative and approach a YouTuber for the success of your app.

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