Fundamentals Of Cross – Channel App Marketing Strategy

We all know that customers use various methods to interact with your app. For this reason you have to make your business visible and to help them observe your product no matter what platform they prefer. While it remains a mystery why many app owners don’t take advantage of this opportunity we want to reveal the secrets of cross – channel app marketing for helping you with your strategy.

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What Is Cross – Channel Marketing?

Cross – channel marketing also known as multi – channel marketing is a solution to connect with customers across each digital channel and any device. Using different techniques from email to social media marketing, while users bounce from smartphones to tablets there are various ways to convince them about the value of your app.

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Reasons To Use A Cross – Channel Strategy

As we said, we won’t talk about the reasons why many marketers don’t use cross – channel promotion. Instead we will create a short list for helping you understand why it is a good idea to follow your users wherever they go.

Improves Brand Awareness

When users observe your app in various places there are big chances to make them curious and to want to discover more about your company. Not only that but making them trust your brand is the key point of the entire process.

Enables People To Use The Platform They Prefer

Trying to gather users in a single place is a tedious work. Why to convince them to follow the path you chose when you can simply create a relationship with your customers on their favorite platform?

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Reaches More Audience

This is a result of the before mentioned reason because it is easy to join people in the exact place where they are and to allow them to attract their friends as well. The more the merrier!

Delivers The Right Message At The Right Time

Cross – channel marketing is the answer when you want to know what to say and when to say it because it helps you to communicate your message in the most suitable way. You can catch users’ attention with a special offer right when they are looking for something similar.

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Has The Real – Time Marketing Advantage

In case you worry about reviews it is good to know that you can connect with users in the exact moment when they have something to say about your app before reaching other customers.

Best Practices For A Cross – Channel Strategy

If all the above convinced you to apply this strategy, let’s see how you can get the best out of it.

Set Objectives And Attributes

From the start you need to set precise but attainable goals and to decide what will help you to accomplish those purposes. In the same time you need to find relevant attributes for avoiding the avalanche of data. Too much information can ruin your campaign. Defining the right Key Performance Indicators for your app category is a must when you want to create a smart plan.

Segment Carefully

Creating the right profile for your users will allow you to engage them without any struggles. This is the mandatory step before you create your message. While you need to know your users in order to build a successful strategy it is better to be patient and to allow them to reveal their characteristics one by one.

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Adjust To Channel Differences

Because customers’ behavior is different for each channel, you need to offer them various solutions according to their purpose on that specific platform. In the same time keep your eye on customer journey and identify the right approach for every method.

Be Consistent Across Different Channels

In case you use various themes even for similar platforms people won’t be able to make the connection between your message and your app. While you have to change your point of view for various channels you also need to maintain certain uniformity for allowing customers to understand your brand.

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Use Relevant Content

Remember, it isn’t about marketing, is about customers. Offering them valuable solutions puts you one step ahead your competition. If you use the right language and you address them in a proper way you will obtain the wanted results.

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Leverage Big Data

Accurate information is essential for personalization and targeting. Big data tools help marketers to analyze and to figure out the best method for reaching their customers. It is essential to follow the trends and to keep up with users’ expectations.

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Collect In – App Information

A great solution for gathering information about your users is to ask them inside your app. Discovering their opinions is the secret of this strategy. The condition to create efficient surveys is to keep it short and to adapt it to mobile screen sizes.

Use Behavioral And Personal Data

For addressing the right message for each user you need to carefully analyze your customers’ activity. Moreover you can also predict future actions and you will be able to reach them in the right context for providing the necessary elements.

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Provide An Engaging User Experience

Remember that users are real persons with their own needs and interests, not robots driven by the same algorithm. Equally, your business is represented by humans. You need to find a solution for leveraging two – way messages because it is very important for the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Use Incentive Programs

Well, tell us who would refuse a promotional discount for their favorite products. Well, this is available as long as you understand your users’ preferences. You have to offer them what they really want, not what you think they will want.

Final Thoughts

You don’t know what to choose, email, mobile web, ads or social media, on smartphone or tablet for promoting your app? In fact the question is why to choose? You can have them all. While you follow your users across their favorite channels you will obtain valuable data which allows you to answer their requirements in an easier way. Our advice is to build a long term bond with your customers, wherever they are.

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