How To Maximize The Return Of Mobile Ad Spend?

With the numerous mobile ad networks it is very difficult to decide the best strategy for advertising your app. The latest method for measuring the performances of ad networks is based on ROI (Return On Investment). If you think about that for a second it makes sense to track the value which comes to you after investing your resources in a campaign for generating installs of your app. Interesting results are revealed by Singular, a marketing analytics company which judged the ad networks according to the ROI obtained in 2016.

Ways To Maximize Mobile Ad ROI

We already talked about mobile ad ROI when we covered the insights of Cost Per Install campaigns. We highlighted then that the high price spent for acquiring users should determine you to find a way to optimize your strategy.

1. Choose The Best Pricing Method

In order to obtain the wanted number of installs at a reasonable price we should remember the characteristics of each digital advertising method.

  • CPM: Cost Per Mille is the payments system focused on the impressions made by the ad. If you are looking to just bring your app in front of your users than be prepared to pay after each 1000 times the ad is shown to potential customers.
  • CPC: Cost Per Click is the pricing model where you pay every time viewers click on the ad. This means that you will support the costs even if people tap on it by mistake or if they change their mind before installing the app.
  • CPI: Cost Per Install is the situation when you pay only if viewers convert into users and they install the app. In this case you need to make sure that the entire procedure is as transparent as possible.
  • CPA: Cost Per Action is the payment method for achieving more than installs. After they download the app, users have to complete some specific tasks. Only then the payment is released.

2. Control Fraud Activity

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We keep reminding you about the problems created by fraudulent attacks. There are several solutions available for fighting against the ad fraud but the first step is to improve your knowledge regarding these criminal actions. A good point to start is to read (again) our article which describes the two types of mobile fraud, technical fraud and compliance fraud. We also detailed different weapons which are very useful in this ever growing war.

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3. Try Out Different Ad Networks

There are some essential elements you need to consider when you have to try various ad networks.

4. Measure Traffic Quality

Comparing multiple ad networks will allow you to discover the one that provides the biggest amount of benefits with the ads served for your app.

Daily Active Users (DAU)

As we mentioned before, it is important to gather a great number of downloads, but the question is: How many of those who install your app, really use it after that? Daily active users is an essential metric which will show you the effects of your plan. Remember, it is worthless to start a campaign if in the moment it ends you will be in the same point as before.

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Organic Uplift

Measuring your marketing achievements in terms of organic uplift means to determine the percentage of increase in organic downloads, between before and after an ad campaign. It is very important to concentrate your attention to have a high organic uplift.

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5. Make A Whitelist / Blacklist Of Sub Publishers

For creating a list with the best and one with the worst sub publishers you should get granular which is as difficult as it sounds. Collecting sub publisher data of each ad network will give you many hints about its efficiency. Sadly the entire process is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of effort.

6. Adjust Your Campaigns

According to the efficiency of each ad network you will need to change your strategy. Sometimes it requires en entire transformation of your plan because of the low results.

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