7 Ways Of Improving In – App Advertising Revenue

You know that feeling when you implement a new technique for advertising your app and you realize that something is missing? After reading all those success stories your expectations are very high but you observe that your plan is not working properly. Yes, there are a lot of factors which will influence your path but we are here to help. Since we already discussed mobile video ad optimization, what would you say if we will take a closer look at your in-app ad strategy in order to improve the results? Perfect. Let’s begin.

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How To Increase In-App Advertising Revenue

First of all stop complaining and more important stop considering that you are the only exception who doesn’t observe the increase in revenue after integrating in-app ads inside your creation, because you are not. You are probably making some mistakes and we will find them together.

Start Using Native Ads

Let’s see. What type of ads are you using? If the format chosen is intrusive and annoying then it is no wonder that you don’t obtain a solid income and you are about to lose also your users. Take a look at native ads and tell us if you don’t find them engaging and efficient. The reason is that this type of ads blends with the rest of the content without distracting customers from their activity. Read further all the details about this technique and apply them for your app. You will observe in no time a change in users’ attitude. Trust us.

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Find The Best Ad Partner That Fits Your Needs

What about the ad network you worked with so far? Are you happy with it? When choosing an ad partner you should consider the following elements:

Payment Plan

The payment process is influenced by two factors. First, the payment method should be the one suitable for you. The second requirement is to take care of the payment schedule and to find a network that pays as quickly as possible.

Quality Of UX

Remember our saying: You have to increase your revenue and the number of users at the same time. Obtaining some money while customers are disappointed by your ads doesn’t represent a long-term success. Read our Tips For Effective In – App Ad Monetization With Great UX before making a decision.

Performance Measurements

You should consider eCPM when you select a suitable ad network but this measurement is influenced by a lot of variables, so take into consideration the fill rate and the quality of traffic.


From a technical point of view, there are certain aspects which will help you to select a reliable partner:

  • How easy it is to integrate the new SDK?
  • How complex is the dashboard?
  • How about the ad server?

Remember that this stage is very important and you shouldn’t base your decision on assumptions. You need sure facts for continuing with a smart strategy.

Adapt The Size And Placement Of The Ad Space

So far, so good. Now let’s take a look at your ads for a moment. Perhaps they are too big for the type of your app. Or maybe they are in a place where it is easy for users to ignore them. Being too obvious or too imperceptible isn’t a solution for your business. You have to find the right path between the two extremes and to allow users to observe your ad without being too intrusive. In this case, it is a very difficult process to understand the perfect solution for you and for your customers but if you have the best intentions then you will obtain the right answer.

Be Relevant For Your Users

If you decided about the right size and the best place for your ads then it is time to remember what we said about providing the right context. When your app’s audience is focused only on men, what is the point to present ads that contain discounts for makeup products? Of course, they need to buy some gifts in certain moments but the chances to match their interests with this type of ad are minimal. Increasing your revenue is one of the benefits received when you offer your customers the wanted content. In the same time, you will be sure that your users will enjoy the entire experience while they use your app.

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Make Ads Valuable To Your User Base

The trick for attracting your users and to make them interested in your ads is to allow them to interact with promotional content. For example, playable ads offer for a few moments the feeling generated by the entire experience of a completely new game. In the same time, rewarded ads provide an impressing opportunity for users to save their character if they watch a short video. All these elements add value to customers while they help you to increase your income.


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Choose The Right In-App Ad Type

Have you ever thought that your users probably prefer another ad type than the ones you serve? There are plenty of solutions to choose from. It is known the fact that video ads are very effective when you want to engage your users but there are certain rules that come with this format. Maintain their native aspect as we highlighted above and make sure that they provide the best quality for all screen sizes. For more information about in-app ads and ad formats, we recommend one of the articles published on our blog.

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Don’t Forget Testing

Everything we said before is pointless if you don’t obtain your users’ approval. Find some suitable channels to ask their feedback and try to understand their point of view. Customers are the only ones who will decide what’s working and what doesn’t.

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Now we reached the end of our study. You weren’t doing so bad but you needed some key points to observe the right path for improving your in-app ad performance. Keep in mind that working with trustful partners (like us) for serving relevant, native ads adjusted for your app’s style is the secret to increase your revenue without losing your customers.

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