Great App Marketing Tools For 2019

We won’t tell you that building an app is very hard. Because you already know that! We won’t tell you that launching an app is very difficult. Because you know that, too! We won’t even tell you that marketing your app is tough. Because you probably realized that by now! We only tell you that some smart platforms can provide the solutions you need. We gathered a few professional tools that can help you when you want to promote your app.

7 Great Tools For App Marketers

The following platforms offer multiple features for app owners but we wanted to highlight certain aspects which will allow you to focus on every stage of your strategy. Don’t be afraid to ask a second opinion whenever you aren’t sure about the next step you need to make. You can talk with experts and they will support you to reach success with your product.
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Crash Reporting – Crashlytics

Let’s start with your app. Are you absolutely sure that your app is flawless? Well, that is impossible because there isn’t such thing as the perfect app. The point is to avoid the possibility that a user will find a really big error or an annoying bug inside your app. We talked before about the importance of crash reporting tools and we believe that every app owner understands how crucial is to make sure that the app isn’t rejected by customers because of some development mistakes. At this point, Crashlytics is one of the options available when you want to eliminate these problems. It also analyzes the entire stack trace and it offers real – time data so you can improve your work.

A/B Testing – Optimizely

After solving those vital issues you should pay attention to your users’ preferences and to find a solution for matching your app’s characteristics with their expectation. But how can you do that? Simple; you provide two versions and you ask potential users to choose one of them. If you recall, we discussed about the necessity of A/B testing and the best practices for obtaining customers’ feedbacks. As you can assume, it is very hard to do that without a proper tool that will provide the wanted results much faster. Optimizely offers this type of service. Their team of experts knows that your purpose is to increase engagement and retention and allows you to change your app immediately when you have the right solution.

App Store Optimization – AppRadar

If you’ve read our articles by now you already know how important is to optimize your app store page. Of course, you can do all that by yourself. But it requires a lot of time and a lot of knowledge to follow the rules displayed by app stores. When you don’t have these resources you can ask experts to do that for you or, at least to complete some difficult steps like finding the best keywords for your app description. In this case every detail matters and these tools are the perfect opportunity for you to improve your app ranking. App Radar is one of these options and you can count on them whenever you struggle to convince users about the value of your app. App Radar promises to increase the visibility of your app and to do that very easy with a smart AI based ASO tool.

Market Insights – App Annie

It is great to take care of your app but your success depends on many factors that will influence the way you manage your business. You always need to be ahead of your competitors and to be aware of the app economy every time you make a decision. Mobile world is constantly changing and you must be informed in order to obtain the best results. One of the most popular services that provide solutions every time you need to have a clear image over mobile landscape is App Annie and in case you follow our blog posts you can see that we often check the data listed on this platform before going further with our explanations. App Annie Intelligence is the best tool available for carefully planning your strategy.

Acquiring Users – App Samurai

Now, we’ve reached the point when you have to attract as many users as possible. But really, do you need all the users on this plant? Or only the ones that will bring value to your app. Worse than not having customers at all is acquiring them (and of course paying for them) and watching them how they uninstall your app after your campaign ends. In case you wonder how to avoid that, the answer is to focus on those users who need your app and for whom you built it in the first place. App Samurai offers professional tool which allows you to create efficient strategies for reaching your scope and to avoid the risks caused by ad fraud. You have three options: Acquisition Campaign, Boost Campaign and Video Ad Campaign. And we didn’t even mention friendly dashboard. Our video is available for a better understanding of these solutions.

Attribution – TUNE

Even with the best tools, you still need to measure everything and to analyze your results. This process allows you to predict your next move. Although some of the previous stages could be done without professional help, when you have to obtain trustful insights about your campaign you need a smart solution. Attribution tracking tools offer the right elements to eliminate guessing and to concentrate your plan on important factors that will influence your path. TUNE is one of the best platforms suitable for this procedure. It helps you to optimize your strategy and to obtain the best results from your ad campaign by offering ROAS insights. The best part is that it prevents mobile ad fraud.

User Uninstalls – AppsFlyer

After you improved the app, took care of your app store, studied your options and acquired new users you would think that it is time to seat back, relax and enjoy the results? No, you can’t, because this is the moment to observe how efficient your strategy was. How many customers continue to use your app? And if some users uninstalled the app you need to understand why they churn. Maybe there was a problem with the way you built it or perhaps user experience wasn’t so amazing, or even a mistake in the way you promoted it. The entire mystery will be revealed by a smart platform which will help you by tracking uninstalls. AppsFlyer is a good example here because it provides ease to handle options to discover where your strategy went wrong. It reveals the reasons why users uninstalled your app allowing you to change your plan.

Final Thoughts

We just created a useful inventory for you whenever you feel that your app can perform better. Of course, our list is not limited to these tools. Feel free to add other marketing weapons in case you find them useful and let us know about them.

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