5 Clever Ways To Drive More Traffic From Website To App

We just talked about Key Components Of Amazing Landing Page For Mobile Apps and because we like to give you all the details referring each technique we will continue today with some efficient methods for emphasizing the effects of the elements contained in your website. To be sure about the performances of your strategy in the online ecosystem you need to be aware of the best practices of sending customers from web to your app’s main wanted page.

1. Perfect App Landing Page

We won’t repeat ourselves but it is mandatory to read our previous article in order to understand what we are going to share further. You need to present your app on the web in the best possible way. So, go ahead and follow our techniques to have an amazing website which pictures your brand or at least a landing page to describe your app for all the potential customers. We also gave you some examples from the real world which can inspire you to create your best work of art.

2. Clear Call – To – Action Messages

It is crucial to creating a straightforward path from the web to your app. This way, potential users won’t get lost on the way. To make sure they select this road you have to show them a single, big, bright button with a short and clear text. In order to decide which solution is more suitable, you must always A/B testing your options. You can find inspiration on the best practice and most popular tools in a previous article. Furthermore, for guiding users to the app store in a familiar way you can use the badges provided by Apple and Google. Be careful and read the official rules before downloading them.

3. Use Mobile Web Banners

The second most efficient way of convincing people to download your app is to take advantage of smart banners (read below to discover details about the number one method for increasing the number of installs). Besides that, you must use one form of deep linking to make sure users reach the right content inside your app. Juggling with both web and app areas will offer you many opportunities to attract your customers and to send them inside your creation. It is not enough to convince them to download it. They have to use it multiple times.

4. Include “Send Me The App” Integrations

What if viewers are using their desktop computers when they see how useful your app can be? Well, in this case you have the opportunity to send them a text with the link for installing the app. And for that you have two options:

SMS To Download

It is very easy to implement this possibility and there are minimum chances that people will refuse to download your app in case they can receive the link on their mobile device. A button with a simple text like “Get link” will allow users to enter their phone number for sending the app on their smartphone. This way they can install the app when they will open the SMS. In the end, you can solve the problem with the visibility of your app: if users can’t find it when they search in app store they won’t install it and if they don’t install it, your app won’t rank higher.

Email To Download

While sending SMS which invites users to download the app is efficient, the solution to send e-mails is more handy and easier to manage. There are persons who don’t agree to share their phone number and they prefer to complete a simple form if they are convinced that the app is what they really need.

5. Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are meant to attract possible users which already shown their interest in your app, by visiting your landing page or other channels where they had the opportunity to download your app. But for some reasons they didn’t install it. And even if they downloaded your app you need to make sure they use your app more than once.


In case you are using AdWords and you want to remarketing all the viewers of your landing page you can choose Website Visitors from the Audience menu. It is very easy and you will reach your landing page viewers to make sure they understood your message.

Facebook Ads

When using Facebook you can just add the email addresses or the phone numbers of those you want to impress. In this case you should select Customer File. In the same way you can follow your website visitors. This option is called Website Traffic.

Always Measure Results

As we keep repeating, don’t let your plans to fate. In this dynamic domain, you must calculate every step and to change the direction according to the results received.

Conversion Tracking
First of all, you need to count how many people respond to your actions. What is the number of impressions received? Associating these measurements with the answers you get from A/B tests you will know the effects of your strategy.

Monitor User Behaviors
Secondly, you have to observe what users are doing after clicking your CTA. If they sent the command for downloading it from a desktop device and they didn’t have their smartphones in that moment there are big chances to forget about the app. Of course, you need to remind them to install it and to open it. In case they use it just once, you have to discover the reasons for that. Maybe they didn’t understand your Call – To – Action message or there is a problem with your app. Growth Tower already revealed 5 Killer Improvements To Fix App Abandonment. Apply all of them and watch what happens.


Every effort you make for marketing your app must be supported by a well-thought strategy. As we always say, it is not enough to discover that a certain technique works for others. It is imperative to make it functional for your special case. If you created an amazing landing page for your app, you have to be sure that every piece you added is a factor which converts your page in a growth machine for your app.

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