Crucial Element Of A Successful Mobile Marketing: Vertical Visuals

Nowadays, users consume more and more information through their mobile phones. Although these tools are not always used for some activities (for example, shopping), they do cover everything that comes behind (for example, consultation). It is natural that among the information consumed in this way are the corporate posts. Content marketing has to adapt, thus, trends. To what extent do reading habits change when the screen is smaller? Is there a tool to catch the user who operates perched on her smartphone? Do you know what vertical visual content is?

What is vertical visual content?

As time goes by, the number of customers browsing the Internet and managing their social networks from mobile devices increases incrementally. Brands are aware of this and try, logically, to take advantage. Hence the popularity of vertical content, which is the most convenient for mobile consultation.

In other times (and this is a trend still present) the visual content had to be cut to adapt it to the screens of the phones. It is also common to use the option to switch the display to a horizontal mode to consume specific videos, especially those that are recorded in a panoramic format. However, the user tends always to consult vertically. The most robust platforms have found the perfect remedy in vertical content.

mobile marketing-social-media-networks-have-stories

The most common examples are:

Snapchat Stories. Videos, loops, animations, skins, etc., always in vertical format.

Instagram Stories. Videos, loops, animations and skins, with the possibility of editing, that remains only 24 hours active.

Facebook Stories. Same as on Instagram.

Whatsapp Status. They follow the same model as the previous ones, only through the mobile messaging network.

The nature of these popular social media implementations links them to ephemeral content. What distinguishes them from others is that they are designed exclusively for consumption through the smartphone, and they make no sense on any other type of screen that is not mobile.

Differences between vertical marketing and vertical visual content

We should not confuse vertical content with vertical marketing. The first concept refers to a type of content marketing, while the second is identified with a much broader category that affects overall strategy. There are two fundamental marketing strategies. On the one hand, the horizontal approach, and on the other, the vertical. Using these instruments, we will make the company progress. The marketing strategy defines the correct way to obtain the benefits. The objective of the company (for example, to sell a product X) may be clear, but not always the path to follow to achieve that objective. And that’s where marketing comes in.

In this sense, the bifurcation between vertical and horizontal strategies is necessary to understand the activity of a business as a whole. And what is vertical marketing? Vertical marketing, roughly speaking, involves the creation of the same product that, with small variations, is useful for various clients. Its benefits are obvious. Being the same product, except in cases of adaptations or when there is a specific variant, time, effort and money are saved. Naturally, the difference between creating something from 0 and doing it from something that already exists is remarkable. Therefore, we already know what vertical marketing consists of and to what extent the content of all kinds can complement it, including vertical (but also others).

How to take advantage of vertical visual content?

The vertical contents are, above all, visual and easy to manage. These are necessary wake-up calls, but they can also be your narrative. Some creators, such as Alberto González Vázquez, stand out for their ability to constitute the format, which allows serialization throughout the day, in a tool with a start, node and end. It can be highly helpful in selling a product.

Another element that you should take into account is that currently, the videos are preferably consumed vertically. Creating videos in this format is a challenge for marketers and the brands behind them since the audiovisual language is designed, in principle, on other bases.

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