9 Proven Ways to Personalize Your Mobile App

This technological era is becoming very demanding, as things need up-to-date features with the latest trends to have user retention. The most problematic conditions occur when we come across to see the launch of new apps every day with more advanced and attractive features than the previous. Therefore, user retention becomes important for the success of the mobile app and for this, there is always a need for the up gradation of the apps with continuous attractive features like design enhancement, change in graphics and other benefits. So, app personalization is fulfilling your user’s demands by upgrading the features to maintain the number of users of your mobile app. Don’t forget! Increase in the number of users is important, but user retention is much more important.

What is app personalization?
The method of app personalization is developing the mobile app to fulfill the users’ need, particularly for the target audience. Like other ways of personalization, mobile app personalization aspires to give users with customized practices to their explicit needs.

Importance of App Personalization
Launch of new applications every day with different, attractive and unique features from the previous one creates a need for the app personalization. A recent research revealed that almost more than 15 lack app is present in the app/play store. Users usually download the apps, almost 66% of them delete it immediately after first use due to its unfriendly features, and those who do not delete just keep the app in mobile for show and do not use them.
Therefore, due to the tough competition, the app designers have to work hard to make their app user-friendly. Keeping users’ needs and expectations in mind, the app designer should upgrade the app that will attract user traffic as well as users will love to enjoy these features regularly.
Performance testing, appdiscoverability and much more the best tactics is app personalization.

Nine Ways to Personalize Your Mobile App

To survive in today’s market app personalization is very important. Following are the nine ways to personalize mobile app.

Use Data to Segment Your Users

Segmentation permits you to target app users according to precise attributes. Users are sort according to device, location, space, amount of purchases and time spent. This allows app to make personalized campaigns for particular segments.

Use Push Notifications

Push notification is an effective way of app personalization. Like to provide some sort of discounts, related information about app that means a lot to the user like flight time, remind the user about the any action they have to take or telling them the current location.

Use location based marketing

Location based marketing is a popular way of app personalization. Localization makes user busy particularly shopping category. It is simply sending a message about the current location to the user using real location. iBeacon technology is required to find out the current location of the user.

Onboard Your Users Well

The first few days after app installation are very important. If the user like the app in the initial days than it is likely that he will be the user for long time. So convince the users in initial days. Onboarding is the paramount way of app personalization; it helps in making user loyal to the application by the following ways:

  • Ask user name and on boarding use the name.
  • Provide them with free trials or a discount for the first few days.
  • Encourage them to use app while onboarding
  • Don’t ask very personal questions like phone number unless it is really necessary.

Time is very much important in the process of app personalization. The success of your application depends upon the accurate and timely management of what to convey, how to convey and when to convey. For example, in a travel app, it should recommend where to go after England while traveling via push notifications.

Use Personalized Mail Marketing

Personalized mail marketing is also one of the effective ways of app personalization. Sometimes smart notification and push notification seems a bit annoying while using the app. So, it’s a way out of the pack like sending recommendations via email. For example, in an education app, you can send notifications via email regarding new tests.

Save their last action for reopening

Provide the user with the features they want. Like while playing game’s user shut down the game, on returning they want the application to start from where they left. These types of features are highly appreciated by the users.

Send Smart Recommendations


Image Source:http://www.frequenterapp.com/

Smart recommendation is way of app personalization in which app collects the information provided by the user and recommends the upcoming events using that information. For example, if user highlighted the favorite music as rock, you can suggest an upcoming rock concert.

Use Social Integration
Social media marketing is the best way to use as a registration option for the mobile app because users find it hard to go for the long and complicated processes. Users go for the un-installation option even without seeing the app features if they find it hard. So, go for SMM it will help you improve your app personalization.
All the above-mentioned ways will certainly increase the app personalization by increasing the number of users and loyalty of the old users. So, just keep an eye on your users and provide them with what they want… this will be the real success.

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