What Is OEM & What Opportunities Does It Have for Mobile Marketers?

OEMs are significant for mobile marketers and publishers. Although they are essential for app owners, the whole concept might be unknown to many people. So, what is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, and what is its significance especially for mobile marketers?

What Is OEM?


The word OEM is an abbreviation and stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” A company whose products are used in another company’s products sells the final product to users. Manufacturers can reduce costs by partnering with OEMs such as App Samurai. OEM products cost less than marketing and advertising the mobile app. In the position of suppliers, OEMs offer products in simple boxes and packaging, apart from producing. Products sold by this method are called OEM products. There is no high degree of difference in quality between the original product and the OEM product.

App Samurai also provides OEMs as an innovative advertising model. It shows your app on users’ screens during device setup, thus providing 5 times more download volume results. For new devices, the pre-installed app; Increases brand awareness for new device users.

Opportunities of OEMs for Mobile Marketers

Mobile publishers have many opportunities to reach mobile app users, such as social media platforms, Google tools, and Ad Networks. You can purchase many types of marketing to increase brand awareness. All ads and marketing are used to get users to download the mobile app. What if you could remove all these marketing and advertising costs and reach your ultimate goal directly? A pre-installer can be provided that can put your mobile app directly on users’ devices.

App Samurai works with mobile operators and device manufacturers in more than 130 countries around the world. Instead of all advertising and marketing activities, your mobile app is directly pre-installed on users’ new devices. This method, which will directly increase your click and download rates, is much more cost-effective and efficient than a traditional marketing campaign. The pre-installed app allows mobile app users to go directly to the device, eliminating the possibility of them going to the app store and downloading your app.

App Samurai offers pre-loaded or recommended models as OEMs during the manufacturing process of mobile devices. Thus, you will not be caught fraudulent, and you will acquire real and active mobile users. Pre-installed apps are available on the device for new users, putting you ahead in the mobile market’s competitive environment. You can eliminate agents by pre-installed your app on new devices. You prevent fraud and give users with the new device access to your app. Pre-installed apps put your app directly in front of the customer view.

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