Our 10 Best Articles Of 2017

Hello App Samurai readers! Before starting to that article, we want to thank you most sincerely for being here today and all other times! Your existence empowers us to create more and more posts for App Samurai Blog.

In 2017, we had great moments with you by sharing the knowledge. Dozens of articles had been shared on App Samurai Blog including news, updates, best practices, how to’s, do and don’ts, latest trends and so on. We assure you that we created every single article with the same passion. But, you liked some of them much! Let’s grab a cup of coffee -or tea- and fresh our memories with 10 of them together.

8 Quick Tips To Create Compelling Playable Ads

That article tells you how to create an attractive playable ad. Actually, a playable ad is more compelling than other ad types itself. Because it allows users to take action (like playing it) instead of just watching a video or being exposed to a banner. Moreover, it is very effective when we think of advertiser’s side. All you need to do is reading this article to discover the tips including localization, game engine, choosing best feature and more to enhance those effects provided by playable ads.

What Augmented Reality Brings To Mobile Marketing World

As you know, augmented reality changed the dynamics of mobile world with Pokemon GO, the game that ruled the app industry with its powerful AR feature. And nowadays, countless of marketers touching the point that AR is one of the most popular options for app developers to drive the app markets. But what actually did AR bring? How does AR work? What are the benefits of AR? What are the variations of using AR? You will find the answers to these questions in here.

What You Need To Know About IAB’s New Ad Standards

At the middle of 2017, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) released New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio as a guide to create a more proper environment for advertisers and users. It also includes the recommendations from IAB about best practices of mobile advertising and gives information about up-to-date advertising formats.

Mobile App Success Story: How AliExpress Did It

Some of you may not have heard our mobile app success stories. Every Monday, we share the success way of great apps with you to make them inspire the app developers, app owners. And it is clear that you loved the story of one of them; AliExpress! the mobile app operation of Alibaba from China. If you want to be successful with your m-commerce app, you definitely need to take a look at AliExpress’s story. Don’t forget, you can create value via m-commerce for your business.

5 Steps To Ensure Your Users Mobile Privacy

As you know, app users give so many permissions to apps when they install their smartphones. Actually, as an app user, not so many of us give these permissions willingly and we are skeptical about what the app owners would possibly do with that information. Because of that, app owners need to ensure their owners that they are in safe. In order to do that, app owners need to implement some steps to provide credibility and mobile privacy.

3 Useful Ways to Use Quora For App Promotion

If you are a mobile app developer with a low budget, organic marketing efforts become crucial for you to reach the audience. There are many ways to promote your app without any budget and these strategies can raise your mobile app to highest levels of downloads. And Quora is one of them and has many advantages for you.
Quora is a question & answer based communication platform where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users. It has millions of users and that’s why it is a great place for app promotion. Read this article and learn the ways to boost your app with the help of organic marketing; more specifically, Quora.

Ultimate Plan For Attacking Mobile Ad Fatigue

Have you ever heard of that term; mobile ad fatigue? If you not, it is time to meet with it! Ad fatigue is a situation that can be seen on mobile app users. It simply appears when a user is exposed to a certain ad too much and gets bored of it. The reason for this problem varies and in that article, there are some techniques to avoid mobile ad fatigue.

Exploiting The Mechanism Of Addiction For Mobile Game Developers

There is no doubt that most of us have at least one game on our mobile phones and some of us even have more. But it is not a big deal. Our main subject is not only having an app but also the game addiction which detains us from our daily tasks. And here is the point; it is a huge advantage for someone from mobile app industry.
Game developers; attention, please! In that post, you will find how to exploit the mechanism of addiction and why to use the freemium model instead of a paid app to monetize your app.

App Marketing Strategies: Are Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns Really Worth It?

There are some digital marketing payment methods like CPM, CPC, CPA, etc. And CPI is one of them. It is a specific marketing method where the payment is made by advertiser only if the app is installed on users’ devices after they clicked on an ad. It has some variables, so it is not a static payment method. As other methods, CPI also has pros and cons. But there are some ways to eliminate the cons of CPI with the help of App Samurai platform. That post explains how App Samurai’s mobile advertising tool makes CPI method very effective for app owners and why it worths to create ad campaigns with CPI method.

Mobile App Success Story: How Lyft Did It

Here is another mobile app journey from our success story series. This time, we talk about an app was born because of a necessity, Lyft. It is a very clear idea that encourages people to share their travels with drivers. Indeed, Lyft provides a win-win solution to long-distance travelers for two reasons. First, that system is much cheaper than a taxi for a traveler. Second, the driver earns money while he/she is driving the car for his/her own road. But how they did it to establish this great mechanism? Discover it by reading Lyft’s success story.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you did! You checked App Samurai Blog’s 2017 timeline as a highlight and just came to the end. Please share your thoughts with us like which one of them you liked most, what kind of blog contents you want to read more or anything to say. We’re proudly happy to see you around here and we will keep trying to share the best articles for you in further. Stay tuned to App Samurai blog! 🤗

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