Mobile App Tracking Tools: Why Should You Use Them & What Are The Best Alternatives?

Usually, there are two categories of developers: the ones that throw their apps on the market in any circumstances and forget about them and the ones which carefully calculate every step they make and fight for the success of their app. If you are in the first category then you need to learn more on how to manage your app. But if you see yourself in the second description then you know everything about mobile app tracking tools. Let’s share it with others and inspire all app owners about the advantageous results you obtain when using mobile tracking tools. It is easy to define this term: we are talking about a service for monitoring all the information related to a mobile app, like the number and the source of users, the purchases they make inside your app, the reasons of crash and much more. Watching all the insights of your app will help you improve its performances, and in the same time it will increase the quality of your brand. But let’s debate further the benefits of using mobile app tracking tools.

The Reasons for Why You Should Use a Mobile App Tracking Tool

There are many motives for you to use tracking tools but we will present the most important ones that can make the difference between a powerful marketing campaign and a strategy based on guessing.

Apple’s Number of Download Data Is Inaccurate

Apple has different issues in providing detailed information about users that installed an iOS app. As a solution for this problem marketers use unique identifiers or device fingerprinting for matching clicks to installs. You can see why it is essential to use app tracking tools which make their work a lot easier.

You Need to Track Efficiency of Your Marketing Efforts

Even if you are determined to use the best marketing strategies available, you still need to be sure that you are moving in the right direction. Here come in picture mobile app tracking tools. With reports concentrated on the most important variables that decide the success of your campaign you will have a clear view of all the effects of your actions.

Attribution Tools Help You to Evaluate Efficiency of Each Marketing Channel

You have many alternatives to promote your app, but which one is better? How can you know what suits your app and which one will provide better results? If you use attribution tools you can make the difference between all the strategies you put in the game for marketing your app. With the right tool you can decide which source provides valuable users and this can be done in an accurate mode and in real time.

You Can Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud with App Tracking Tools

Do you remember when we talked about Mobile Ad Fraud and the malicious effects it produces? We highlighted then the importance of tracking every variable of your app and being aware of the anomalies generated by thieves in the entire structure of your app. You need to keep your eyes opened in every moment of this journey and never forget that it is possible to be victims of fraudulent attacks. The fight against ad fraud must be permanently not every now and then. Using app tracking tools and observing all the changes of your app will help you prevent the danger that is just one click away.

Without an Attribution Tool You Can’t Create Event – Based Campaigns Like CPI, CPA, CPR

Blind movements will lead you to lose time and money. Attribution tools lighten the path to create effective campaigns regarding the event you track. You are able to follow attributes like clicks, impressions, installs and events. The most difficult part is to decide which solution is best for you.

In – App Events Are Important for Your App’s Success

You must know that users have other vision than developers. If we imagine that our app is perfect, then we should look at reports generated by app tracking tools to realize that we are far from the perception of users over the app. This way we can discover what features are preferred by users and what activities are useless for them.

5 Mobile Attribution Tools to Track In – App Events

Now that you understood the necessity of using attribution tools the next question is what to choose since there are so many solutions for monitoring valuable data about your app. To make this easier for you, we will present some of the most important tools in this area along with the characteristics that prove the convenience of using them.


Kochava is an analytics platform which offers Configurable Attribution. Customizing your strategy provides the opportunity of receiving the best results which are based on measuring impressions, clicks, installs and events. Kochava team describes the attribution factors:

  • Lookback window is the interval between clicks or impressions and installs which can vary between 1 and 30 days for clicks and between 15 minutes and 24 hours for impressions.
  • Match integrity is the base for full attribution waterfall described by the following snippet :


  • Click time.

Their official website provides all the details you need. In order to configure your attribution features you have to sign up and to choose a pricing tier.


TUNE offers a single SDK for attribution over impressions, ad clicks, app installs and in – app events for better performance of your campaign. For higher conversion their tool measures deep – links and creates ad tags while it shares event data with their templates. In the same time it generates detailed reports for event, cohort and retention information that can be used for calculating ROI. We extracted some of the features provided by TUNE showed on their site:
On the same page you can request a demo, take a 30 – day free trial or checking the prices for more solutions.


Adjust is a tracking platform that can help you discover the sources that provide you user in real time. They offer an open – source SDK for customizing the product for better results. Moreover, adjust tracker URLs have built – in retargeting and re – engagement attributes. Here we are talking about a platform with over 700 partners. This fact makes it easier for you to configure your campaign across multiple networks.
You can request a demo if you want to find out more or you can ask them for prices regarding your app.


Apsalar is a Mobile Marketing Cloud platform which helps marketers to measure performance and to track all in – app events. Being partner with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple and Pinterest, Apsalar offers integrated services along with pre – built reports and options for customization. You can choose between SDK, API or hybrid implementation. This image shows some of the advantages provided by Apsalar.
For prices, you need to contact the team by phone or by the form available on their website.


Appsflyer is an important provider for marketing tools including mobile attribution service. Their technology called NativeTrack claims to be the most accurate solution for showing where every app install came from, determining the marketing channel or ad network, worldwide. Appsflyer’s mobile attribution tool is based on five elements:

  • Integrated Partners
  • Certified Network Integration
  • View – Through Attribution
  • Full – Profile Fingerprinting
  • OneLink universal deep linking

More details about the above features are explained on their website where they invite you for 30 – day free trial.

Final Thoughts

The necessity of using mobile app tracking tools comes from the desire of having a control over the elements that influence the success of your app. The only dilemma is what tool you should choose from the multiple options available in this field. Following our list will give you an idea of what features are suited for your app and which tool will help you to achieve your goal.

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