Mobile In App Event Tracking: Go Beyond The Last Click

After gathering a great number of users, it is a terrible mistake to stop paying attention to the evolution of your app. Measuring users actions inside your app and receiving satisfying results means that your app is on the right track and you need to keep up with the good work. On the other hand, if the rates are lower than your expectations you need to improve your strategy and to start seeing your app through your users’ eyes.

What Is In App Event Tracking?

In app event tracking means to have a detailed overview of the post – install activities inside your app. It offers you many hints about the way users interact with your app. That allows you to improve your campaigns in terms of acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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Why Do You Need In App Event Tracking?

AppsFlyer published some stats that will convince you to eliminate the guessing from your strategy by measuring the most important activities made by users inside your app. One of them shows that only 40% of marketers are measuring app revenue. This is a very low percentage because most of them are used to track only install rates.

But since the number of downloads doesn’t pay your bills you need to determine which factors brings you a substantial income. Discovering what users are doing inside your app will help you concentrate your resources on the most efficient channels.

How To Track In-App Events?

Now that we’ve got your interest in this topic, you are probably wondering which is the best solution for tracking in app events. Well, the answer is not that simple since there are so many platforms that offer complex services for showing you what happens inside your app. We gathered a list with the most recommended mobile app tracking tools. Study all their features and choose the one that completes all your requests.

In-App Event Types

Since one plan doesn’t fit all mobile apps, the same thing happens with tracking in app events. There are various strategies for different categories of apps. Let’s cover the most common ones.

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1. Standard In App Events

This type goes with almost every app since it contains basic actions that will show you the situation of your app.

Number Of Opens
It is very important to discover how many times users open your app after the installation. If they just download it without using it then there is a sign that can indicate a problem with the way you present your app. Keep in mind that the sooner you engage your users, the quicker you convince them about the value of your app.

Registrations tell you about the interest of users for your app. If customers complete the entire process of creating a profile than it is almost sure that they will become high-value users. On the other hand that gives you valuable information about the onboarding flow. With a high number of opens and a low registration rate, you can realize where the problem is and you can work for making signup process as easier as possible.

Measuring purchases completed inside your app will help you realize what kind of user you have to attract and in what manner you can convince those valuable customers to buy more. Discovering their point of interest will allow you to present other products that will make them invest more in the elements provided by your app.

2. Rich In App Events

This type varies depending on the app genre. Let’s look at what to measure in mobile gaming app because it is one of the most popular categories.

Tutorial Completion Rate
It is important to understand how your tutorial is perceived by users. In case of a low completion rate, it means that either your instructions are too complicated or your procedure is too lengthy. Change it according to the results and measure again.

Achieved Level
This is another important clue for the performance of your game. If there are too many users who pass through all the stages until they finish a level you can tell that the specific portion of the game is too easy for your customers. Furthermore, if there are levels that couldn’t be achieved by any of your players it means that there is more work to be done to improve the way users interact with your app.

In a game, there are various elements that need to be taken into account in discovering the best way to increase your app’s potential. You need to consider the currency, payment method or the content that drives revenue. It is crucial to enhance the power of your game to bring you more users that contribute to the fast growth of your app.

Friend Invites
How many persons are asked by your users to complete some actions inside your game? If you play your cards right, engaged customers will express the value of your game. It is very hard to convince people to spread the word about your app but with the proper data in your pocket, they will do that for you.

Social Shares
You can realize how popular your game can become if you totalize social shares. If users don’t bother to show your app to their family and friends it means that something is lacking. Maybe you need to implement social buttons to make the process easier for them or maybe they simply don’t consider your game worthy for sharing. Either way, this is a significant proof that you need to update your app with more compelling functionalities.

In App Event Tracking To Optimize Ad Campaigns

Now that we covered the most important in app events on which you have to keep your eyes, let’s see which ones are more suitable for every stage of your strategy.

Acquire High Value Users

We mentioned before but we need to repeat over and over again. It is not about attracting any kind of users, like some people which accidentally install your app and in the first few seconds, they realize that it is not what they wanted in the first place. It is essential to gather users with high lifetime value. For this, you need to track in app events like Purchases, Revenue or ARPU Rates.

Increase User Retention

After a successful user acquisition campaign, you have to discover how to maintain the interest of the ones that chose to install your app. It can become very useful if you measure some actions such as Tutorial Completes, Achieved Level and Registrations. These are even more important if the app you are promoting is a game.

Boost Your App’s Virality

Engaging users must be one of the most important episodes of your entire plan. You wish to bring your app in the top of its category, don’t you? To do that you need to understand some of the users’ preferences with the help of in app events like Invites and Social Shares.

Final Thoughts

Now it is your turn to decide which events will describe best the situation of your app. You can mix some basic in app events with some more advanced ones depending on your app category and of course your budget. Don’t track something just because somebody did it and he received amazing results. Tailor your strategy according to your app and your customers. After all, they are the ones that need to be impressed by your creation.

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