Mobile App Success Story: How Prisma Did It

Everyone loves taking selfies especially for sharing them with their friends. This is a true fact of this mobile era. But it is very important to send amazing photos and to really impress all the persons you know. That’s right, you have to be a real artist when it comes to show people where you are and what you do. This the reason why a team of developers managed to create an app that apparently is so simple but with many interesting touches for helping you converting your photos in real works of art. We are talking about Prisma, the photo editing app available for Android and iOS devices. It was declared the best app of 2016 on both mobile platforms. Let’s see how Prisma managed to make Google agree with Apple and vice versa in choosing it the app of the year.

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Brilliant Idea

You know that moment when a concept sounds so obvious but only after somebody else came up with it? The same idea is available also for Prisma app created by Prisma Labs. Alexey Moiseenkov and his team from Moscow developed the app in less than two months and they launched it in June 2016 for iOS devices. After a month Android adepts were also able to try the app. You will say: “There were many photo editing apps created before. Why Prisma dominated the charts from the beginning?” The answer is simple. It does something more than any other app on the market. Prisma doesn’t apply simple filters on top of your photos. Instead, it uses a smart combination of Artificial Intelligence and neural networks for recreating the entire image with artistic effects. In just a few seconds you will have your picture transformed in a piece similar to the art of Picasso, Levitan or other famous painters.

How Prisma Did It

It is not so difficult to promote an app when you bring a brilliant idea for the first time on the market. But you still need to adopt some marketing techniques in order to make it visible for potential customers. Let’s see some of the main points that determined the success of Prisma.

Innovative technology

Prisma Labs followed one of the main trends of 2016 that will be visible in the following years, artificial Intelligence and neural networks. They adapted a deep learning algorithm for their app to function really fast and to transform images in high quality works of art. They knew that mobile customers want apps which offer them immediately results. If the app would need more than a few seconds to return the transformed picture than the churn rate would have been huge.

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Social Media

The second important aspect of the app, it was to allow users to share their work with the persons they know. Integrating Prisma with Instagram was a smart strategy for encouraging customers to refer the app. Now, with the new features added, Prisma provided its own social feed for creating a community interested in artworks designed with this special tool.

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Word of Mouth

Think about the following scenario. You discover an interesting app. You play with it for a while. You complete a task and you are happy with your work. Then you tell your friends about the amazing app. They do the same thing and they tell their friends. And there it is. After a week from its big launch the app gathers 1.6 million downloads. Yes, you guessed that right. We described the path followed by Prisma. From user to user everybody was excited to spread the word about the app. Check this interesting topic on Quora to understand our point.

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Influencers Marketing

Imagine the scheme described above, but with Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia as one of the persons who presents his #Prisma work to all of his followers. It is probably really impressive to see your app shared by one of the leaders of your country.

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Press Coverage

It is not that hard to increase your user base when almost every authority site in this world speaks about your app. Take a look at the list described below to imagine the impressive effects of the articles posted by each publication. And many of them created entire categories related to Prisma where they constantly present insights from the app.

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From the start, Prisma was launched in more than one country. This fact was a growth engine that transformed it into a viral app. From Russia to USA, Prisma conquered 10 countries in the first month. Its owners concentrated their efforts on many markets in Europe were their users uploaded thousands of photos. Taking everything to the cloud allowed developers to sustain the impressive flow of users.

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App Landing Page

Another success story in our folder and another great landing page that can inspire you when you want to create a relevant presentation for your app. First elements that appear on the official site of Prisma are:

  • the app’s logo;
  • a button for About Us;
  • an impressive image that express the core functioning of the app;
  • a clear title which presents the app;
  • an interesting description for those who want to know more about the app;
  • badges with links to the app stores;
  • the awards received from Apple and Google.

If you scroll down you will discover other features added to the app along with many more information about what Prisma has to offer.

Bonus Tip: Focus on your product.

After studying some of the greatest mobile apps of all times we started to observe a pattern that reveals the key of a successful app. The team behind Prisma reached this type of victory because they focused their resources on creating the best app. It is essential to pay attention to the concerns of the ones around you and to create an app that solves those issues. Taking boring pictures of themselves was something that people wanted to avoid so Prisma managed to improve their lives without any other hidden interest. Just a free app that is simple to use and it does what it promises.

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Alexey Moiseenkov and his team managed to raise Prisma above all of the others in its category. You just need to try the app and to convince yourself that it is all you need for changing the aspect of your photos. Even if you don’t suffer from selfitis you will realize that you already spent a couple of hours playing with different effects and ornaments. It really generates addiction.

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