Mobile App Success Story: Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium

Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium is a game considered extremely fun, for all players no matter the age bracket. It is a very engaging real-time game that allows players to get into the business of fishing in real time. Dubbed Virtual Aquarium, the game is an adventurous game with the sole aim of getting players to let loose.
The game allows players to search for all the fish, lost in the ocean using the one-stop shop platform. Once these fish are found, players get a chance to feed, breed and sell each of them, with success being the target. Your ability to properly cater for the fish until they are big enough for you to sell them at valuable rates contributes to your success within the gameplay.  You can also grow to become your own boss owning your personal fish store in the simulation game.

Brilliant Idea

Basically, Fish Tycoon 2 players are tasked with breeding fish they could sell for money. Adequate sales lead to an upgrade and some more ‘currency’ for each player’s decoration of tanks and store renovation.
Surprisingly, the game grows and changes along with each family of pet fish each player collects, breeds and cares for within the game. Players are provided with a few eggs, to begin with, and the gameplay spreads to include breeds like sharks, catfish, groupers, and koi. The variety is endless as players have an unlimited supply of fish in the sea.
With Fish Tycoon 2, players can:

  • Gain access to as many as over 400 very unique fish species in the sea. As a result, players get to witness a lot of options and opportunities to breed and care for as many different varieties as they can. This is one reason a lot of players are endeared to the game because as they say, variety is the spice of life.

  • Access to very useful upgrades and creative power-ups: With increased gameplay and some in-app purchases, players could gain access to more exciting features and items within the game. They would also be given power-ups to boost their performance in the gameplay. The game’s upgrades and boosts are definitely such that makes a game very engaging.

  • With time, Players could also gain access to some personalization features which they could utilize to renovate their stores; to main, it seems a bit more relatable. In the same vein, players could also expand their fish empire as the game progresses through several built-in surprises designed to wow players.
  • Players are provided with magical Zen plants to breed, nurture and care for their fish. This is an addition to the Marine life feature, which helps boost the life of each feature, keeping it stronger for longer.
  • Players are also allowed to hire colorful mascots to draw in crowds, preferably big ones.
  • A number of gorgeous themes are also provided within the game, to be utilized in the decorations of players’ tanks to make it more presentable and personalized.

  • You also get the opportunity to increase your revenue when you research and find out all you can about foods required to sustain rare species and the environment as a whole.


How Fish Tycoon 2 Did It

The Fish Tycoon 2 game, which is unarguably a better version of the first series, leverages on the success of the Fish Tycoon game. The game features a whole lot of upgrades and modifications, correcting almost all the ills of the first part. Some of these new additions are:

  • The inclusion of a subtle, tranquil music to the gameplay
  • The addition of daily goals to help players draft their objective for the day
  • The treasure chest and the high that comes with anticipating its opening
  • The suspense that comes from having no idea what the new fish would look like
  • And the entertaining, yet engaging search for the magic fish

All these and the fact that players are now allowed to update the fish store are factors sure to keep both old and new players very occupied and entertained at the same time.

Business Model

Fish  2 game is a simulation game that belongs to the category ‘Games’ under the subcategory ‘Simulation’. The game, created by Last Day of Work LLC, is an offshoot of Fish Tycoon one, pioneered by Lion Studios.
Within this month alone, the game has been downloaded a total of 124.82 times on the iOS store with a total of 195.76k daily active users worldwide. On the Google Play Store, the game has been able to gather massive followership, with a total of 141.50k downloads in the last 30 days and a whooping 585.96k daily active users, worldwide.

  • In-App Purchases: The game leverages on this widespread usage to generate revenue, as players especially those in the United States are provided with the following in-app purchases options.

A handful of coins within the game goes for $1.99, Shell of coins and Chest of coins go for $9.99 and $4.99 each, Handful of gems can be obtained for about $1.99, Chest of Coins, Barrel of coins, Shell of Gems and Chest of gems all go for $4.99, $19.99, $4.99 and $9.99 respectively while  Barrel of gems can be obtained within the game for about $29.99. All these gems and coins add to the fun derived by players of Fish Tycoon 2.
The features obtained can be used to decorate tanks, upgrade the state of their breeds and totally make the gameplay more engaging. The game is also quite used in places like Indonesia, Russia, and India.

  • Regular Updates: The game also features regular upgrades. Here, players are intimated on the happenings within the developer’s world, the plans being put in place to ensure the game performs better, how they intend to resolve any issue pointed out to them by users and their overall plans for the game, moving forward. Since the game’s release on the 25th of August, 2017, the game has been updated lots of times, with the last update being on the 15th of June, 2017. These updates, which happen really frequently, give users a sense of anticipation, as they can not wait to find that what would be added to the mix.

Final Thoughts

Fish Tycoon 2 is a free simulation game which is not only considered fun and entertaining but is also said to be one of the best fish tank simulation games ever made. The game’s narrative is quite simple, with really beautiful graphics and good solemn music. It is one game that is certain to keep users engaged, whether they are traveling or just in need of something really fun and entertaining to do!

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