Mobile Advertising Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Many app owners consider promoting their apps. But it is very important to know how to do that. For a successful advertising campaign you must be aware of the latest movements in the industry and to take advantage of the revolutionary ideas of the moment. Because we started a new year full of challenges in mobile advertising, let’s see the main elements which describe the marketing system in 2017.

Fight Against Mobile Ad Fraud

We start with a crucial issue which comes from previous years and sadly, it will continue in the future as well. We are talking about fraudulent attacks which affect both publishers and developers.

Mobile Advertising Budget Exploding
With the continuing growth of ad spending in mobile sphere you must remain alert and adopt all the available methods for combating this phenomenon. As VentureBeat states, before 2018, mobile ads will represent almost three – quarters of Google’s net ad revenue. With these figures published all over the Internet, it is no doubt that attackers see an opportunity in this growing environment. For details about ad fraud remember our ebook below. If we all join our efforts, we can fight against these mobile criminals more intense in the following period.

Ad Bots
The focus of security in mobile advertising will be to prevent the actions of ad bots. This year, experts will gather their weapons for protecting financial transactions for apps that run on smartphones. As Forrester predicts mobile payments continue to grow, reaching $142 billion in 2019. This is a sign for marketers to pay attention to the factors that influence this area.

Mobile Ad Blocking as A Growing Concern

Mobile ad blocking continues to be a problem for marketers. There is a plethora of solutions regarding those unpleasant situations but you need to think your strategy from customers’ perspective.

Users Annoyed By Mobile Ads
As you can see in the chart below, the number of users annoyed by ads on mobile is somewhere double than the ones that drive their activity on desktop. And that makes sense since devices are so small and useless ads can create an unwanted effect when they occupy that tiny space.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Fiksu shows that users delete apps which provide irrelevant ads. And that happens without second thoughts. This is the proof for advertisers which must target and personalize ads in a more depth manner this year.

Less Intrusive Media Will Become High Priority
On the other hand, a study published by IAB shows that 20% of people in UK who used to have an ad blocker on their device no longer use it. The main idea is to provide users the desired content and to make them asking for more. This is the condition to influence the decision of the ones that reject ads.

Mobile Programmatic Advertising Still Dominates

Mobile programmatic ads continue to spread their effects not only in 2017, but further in the future.

Economic Uncertainty And Mobile Ad Blocking Apps
With the situations created by negative elements for mobile marketing, programmatic ads will help advertisers to optimize their campaigns. Ivan Carrillo from Kimia speaks about the evolution of programmatic ads in an article where Mobyaffiliates gathered important points of view from main experts regarding trends for mobile advertising in 2017.

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Programmatic Ad Spends Stats
To be more convinced about the importance of this technique let’s see some of the predictions for programmatic ads in the next months.
Remember the chart published by eMarketer, where mobile will represent around 75% of total digital ad spending this year?

Another important fact is revealed by Zenith’s Programmatic Marketing Forecasts which shows that programmatic ads will grow 31% in 2017. When we talk about forecasts we can’t continue without mentioning the chart published by BI Intelligence.

Taking into account all the above it’s imperative to turn your face into this direction. You can use our article for guidelines to reach momentum for programmatic advertising.

Emerging Of New Mobile Markets

While US market continues to maintain its supremacy in 2017, we realize that other countries evolved becoming powerful players in the advertising environment.

Opportunity For Mobile Advertisers
With US representing a great part of mobile world it is a good idea to concentrate your efforts on other countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China. Let’s take for example Brazil for which Chartboost encourages marketers to invest a lot of creativity, as Pablo Luis Santos, CEO of Fluxgames says: “Plain ads annoy [players in Brazil]. Put a lot of effort in discovering how you create value. If you succeed, Brazilian players will consume all the ads you offer.”

Staggering Growth Of China Market
Speaking of China, Zenith Optimedia states that China’s growth rate on ad market will represent double of what the rest of the world is going to reach. Another study from iResearch shows that China’s ad revenue is expected to reach almost $43.5 billion in 2018. You can check more details on the official site.

Maximized Ad Engagement

As eMarketer predicts, by 2020 mobile ad spending will represent 71% of entire digital spend. It is no longer about acquiring users; the challenge is to engage them. Another report from eMarketer reveals that after the first month of using an app, only 6% of the ones who installed it continue to keep it. But how to do that in this era of fast taking decisions? A starting point would be to read Leading Mobile Ad Types Of 2017.

Interactive Ads
Playable ads represent one of the most appreciated types of promotion and it will continue to impress users. As Daisy Wu, VP of International Business at Yeahmobi, highlights the environment is prepared for the expansion of this format in 2017.

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Native Ads And Rewarded Videos
It is important not to forget native ads and rewarded videos which are also among customers’ favorites. Another expert, Liis Ristal from underlines the evolution of native ads and rewarded videos which are in high demand this year.

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And this is true since we have a prediction that by 2018, spending on native ads will reach $21 billion.

AR And VR Advertising On The Horizon

From games and apps that conquered the world with AR and VR effects we realize that the future is near us. Nothing will stop marketers to impress customers with this technology. We are about to see ads that invite us into virtual journeys for apps in the traveling sector or we will be engaged into virtual retail stores for remembering some items left in the cart. The possibilities will be limited only by advertisers’ imagination. We can visualize that even more with an estimated growth in terms of revenue to $162 billion until 2020, according to an IDC Press Release.

Personalized Brand Advertisements – Chatbots

In mobile ecosystem chatbots seem to have an impressive growth especially for messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Artificial Intelligence will break the barriers for getting inside the advertising environment. Personalized ads using chatbots will impress users in the next period. AdWeek highlights the direction towards are moving mobile marketers to combat the effects of the actual overwhelmed market. The condition is to have control over the bots’ behavior in order to reach the expected results. In marketing, CIO describes chatbots as useful solutions for tracking and analytics.

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Final Thoughts

Being responsible of marketing a mobile app you must be prepared in every moment for this dynamic evolution of mobile advertising. There are many factors which will influence the industry this year and we listed the main ones that are about to change the way customers receive ads. Our overall advice is to keep up with the latest trends in the field in order to create performing campaigns and effective strategies for your app.

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