How to Create an Effective App Store Video

Since every day is getting harder and harder to convince users about the value of your app you need to do something to raise your app as high as possible in its category. It is recommendable to use all the options available to attract users and you can start from your app store page. If somebody lands on your app page nothing guarantees you that he ends up downloading it, so you need to invest in all possible tools that will increase user acquisition. For this reason we will talk about app store video which makes a big difference between a professional app and an app randomly uploaded on the market. It offers a rich experience for users giving them insights about your app. Although not all developers take advantage of this opportunity you need to know that using video on your app page will not only drive conversions but it will increase user lifetime value, because if a person is convinced by the video about the quality of your app, he will have a better understanding about the attributes of the application which are more useful for him. People who download your app after viewing your demo video are more engaged and there are big chances to have a lower uninstall rate.
To understand better the advantages of using a video for promoting a mobile app, take a look at a study made by IAB where 35% of respondents answered that they watch videos using their devices. Moreover, 36% are used with videos longer than 5 seconds.

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More importantly, according to TUNE, “The apps that do include videos get higher ratings. And smartphone owners that we’ve surveyed say that app videos are the third most important element of app listings. In other words, apps without videos are costing themselves higher ratings, better rankings, healthier conversion rates, and ultimately, more installs.”
So, if app store videos increase user acquisition, retention and LTV and reduce uninstall rate why don’t you give them a try? But be careful, a bad video will do more harm than good. Read our following key points regarding this strategy and look at the whole picture from users’ point of view.

Differences Between App Store And Google Play

You must know that attention to details will drive your app to success. It is important to highlight the main characteristics that differ from App Preview in Apple App Store to Promo Video in Google Play Store to make the best out of your clip, but don’t forget that you have to own the rights for anything you show in your video and this is available for both app markets.

  • While Google allows developers to upload long videos, but not longer than 2 minutes, Apple limited this length to 30 seconds.
  • For Google the most important asset on the page is the feature graphic, a special image which is replaced by video if it is available. For Apple it is very important the poster frame which comes before all screenshots. Choosing a great feature graphic or an impressive poster frame will enhance the overall experience.
  • Google allows you to add different videos according to the language used, but Android doesn’t have this option. So, you should make your video as expressive as possible to be understood by all your audience.
  • Source: While for Play Store you can use any video you have, mainly one that you uploaded first on YouTube, Apple is stricter with this aspect. Videos must be created specifically for iOS, so you can’t use one that you created for Android, in case your app is on both platforms.
  • On Google Play you can use the same video for any type of mobile device, but remember that for Apple you have to load different videos for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Live action footage. This is another aspect allowed by Google where you can mix all kinds of animations, but Apple will reject your video if you will do that.

Best Practices Of Creating Effective App Store Video

The benefits are showing up only if the video is done right and we are going to list some tips to help you get the best out of your work.

  1. Be creative. Try to explain your app and show its features in an innovative way that will intrigue the user. Don’t create a tutorial since users are not sure that they will download your app. They just want to see in what way your app will improve their life or their work and how is it different from the rest of the apps in the same category.
  2. Keep it short. Users don’t have time to waste with long videos so if you want to have results with your video it is smarter to concentrate your ideas as much as you can and let user to discover the rest when he will download your app. Remember, less is more. And we mean more downloads.
  3. Show the best first. First impression matters a lot in this situation. Since you are not aware about the amount of time that most of the users will invest in your video it is better to start with the most interesting features to be sure you engage them.
  4. More visuals than sounds. Keep in mind that many people use their phone on mute in public places so you can’t base your video on sounds. Descriptive images and some strategic subtitles explain things in a more suitable way.
  5. So many screen dimensions. Be sure to offer the best quality to all your possible users and create a video that fits for every device.
  6. Test every idea. You will not know the best formula unless you measure your metrics and you pay attention to your users’ feedback. If you have more options and you don’t know which one to choose, a solution is A/B testing.

Final Thoughts

In a battle you need to choose carefully your weapons. The same thing happens in app stores. If you want to defeat your competition you must pay attention to all the elements on your app page, including the video section. A well designed video will bring high quality users. Try to use that in your favor, by following our ideas revealed above. Your effort will be rewarded when you will conquer the top position in your category.

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