3 Tips to Optimize Your User Acquisition Budget

According to Statista, approximately 200 billion apps are downloaded from the app stores every day. App user acquisition is a critical point in all successful apps. Even if you’ve put such a great effort and create an excellent app, your business will fail if nobody knows and finds your app. You need to have users make a profit and market your mobile app.

Having users is also the evidence and expectation that potential customers consider downloading your app.

With all the disruptions in 2020 and the pandemic effects on your budget, you need to optimize your user acquisition budget. How can you compete for new users without putting a big budget? Here are 3 tips for you.

  1. Burst Campaigns

Burst campaigns boost your mobile app within search results on a specific keyword or a category in a brief period. You can position your app in the results of these searches much higher than organic results by burst campaigns. Increasing ranking leads to more installs and leading more visibility in the app store. Greater visibility provides an additional organic user acquisition besides paid one.

The aim is to gain a lot of users and then staying there long enough to achieve sustainability. For instance, we are getting into a holiday season, and we will probably see a boost in gift-giving, holiday travel, and holidays related searches. 

After the burst period, you need to maintain user acquisition activity with a smaller scale paid to advertise.

Burst campaigns can be very effective when you use them for the right mobile app at the right time. However, it is possible that bad reviews from people your app does not appeal to your target audience, which can do more harm than good to your project.

2. Arrange App Store Profile

App stores are still the first place for mobile app discovery. App store optimization is the key to getting a higher position in the app stores. How should you arrange your app store profile to ranking higher?

You need to focus on key page elements. You need to use top related keywords in the title tag and write an engaging app description to define your app to both audience and app store. There are too many mobile apps that compete for the same audience as you do. Therefore, your app icon should be creative and eye-catching. Moreover, you should check how these elements look on different mobile devices.

You should localize your app store profile for your audience. You can use localized search keywords and welcome pages for each target market. 

Sometimes, you need to change up keywords to align events such as the holiday season to improve the health of your campaigns.

A/B tests can be used to find out the best practices for your app.

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3. Organic, Non-paid Strategies

Organic (Non-paid) strategies can be both effective and cost-efficient ways to engage in user acquisition. There are several ways to increase organic engagement for your mobile app. 

You can build a website and use a smart banner to take users from your website to your app store page to install directly.

Content marketing is an effective way to reach potential users. You can get traffic by blog posts, infographics, videos, and e-books around topics your audience will be interested in and searching for. In this way, you will be providing valuable information to your potential users and have an opportunity to make them your app’s users.

However, you should beware of the quality of traffic. Creating personas will help you to focus your efforts on the right audience.

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