Best Practices of Snapchat Ads to Drive Installs

Guess which social platform is the second preferred after Facebook. Now, look at the chart below.

Was your assumption right? And if people are already engaged on this channel, why not taking advantage of the situation and promote your app there? The key of their success is shared by Imran Khan.

More about the goals of the team responsible of Snapchat Ads you can read in AdWeek.
If we got your interest then prepare yourself because most of the screen will turn yellow. And we mean Snapchat yellow.

Should You Use Snapchat Ads For Your App?

It depends. If your users and Snapchat audience are the same, then you should definitely try this method. To be more precise, Snapchat Ads is a suitable method for teenagers and Millennials.

In the same manner if the people you target didn’t hear about Snapchat, then you must choose another path. It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy personalizing your posts on this network and it is irrelevant that it is your favorite social media channel.

3 Snapchat Ad Types You Can Use

If you got to the confluence between your app category and Snapchat audience, you need to prepare your weapons and see the types of ads you can choose from.

  1. Snap Ads have a native aspect, which look exactly like the videos posted by users but with the tag which obviously says “Ad”. They are full screen videos with the maximum length of 10 seconds before viewers will swipe for more. The static ones cost around 2 cents per view and the dynamic ads which tend to be more engaging have double price.
  2. Sponsored Geofilters are ads where you can create or upload Geofilters for users and to choose specific areas for those. Snapchat officials promise that Geofilters get in front of 40% to 60% of users daily. Being more interactive, this type of ads is evident more expensive, starting from 5000$ per hour.
  3.  Sponsored Lenses are playful ads which engage users at a higher level than the other two types. Users are involved in this type of “game” around 20 seconds and they end up enjoying the feeling that they are part of the experience. Of course, the price is according to its effectiveness. If you aren’t a business owner capable to throw $450.000 on an ad which runs in weekdays then go back to the less expensive types offered by this channel.

For more details regarding these variants, you can access the official page for Snapchat Ads.

6 Best Practices Of Snapchat Ads

After you decided what type of ad you are going to create according to your preferences and your budget, follow our guidelines to create the most efficient plan for the battle.

Choose The Best Content Type For Your Ad

Let’s start with your creatives. If you post images on your profile, they need to be in portrait mode and edited for showing the “wow” factor. All the videos posted on Snapchat are very original and you need to create your ad in the same spirit. You have to get inventive and to add your personal touch to the video you created for promoting your app. Over the snippets of your app you can show funny stickers or intriguing messages. Keep in mind that everything must be intelligible because in a few seconds people must realize they need to go to app store and download your app. Other form invented by Snapchat creators are Snaps, which are images or videos you can send to special people and which will disappear after a while. Don’t forget about stories which are content distributed to followers of your profile. When you choose a type you need to think about the message you want to transmit and the final purpose you want to reach.

Keep Your Snap Ad Length Up to 10 Seconds

As you can see in the chart below, almost 60% of adepts use Snapchat for checking short videos. And we emphasize the word “short”. 10 seconds are enough to win their attention and to convince them to search for more. Why do you think that somebody would prefer to spend more time with your ad when there are so many friends to chat with and so interesting news to discover? If you manage to grab their attention in just a few seconds then you have a winner.

Create Vertical Video Ads for More Impression

Look at the expression above. It makes sense or not? Because Snapchatters use their phones in vertical position, Snapchat team wanted to avoid the annoying movement of the screen every time a video was running. And as you can see the results are more than satisfactory. This shows how little details can change the entire perception of things.

Optimize Your App Store Page

Usually, like with any other types of ads, persons who tap on your ad are directed to your app store page. Your money is well invested only if viewers are transformed in users. And this will happen if they will be impressed by all the elements that characterize your app. If they like the ad, they will want to know more. It doesn’t matter how amazing your ad is, if you show them poor screenshots, a description filled with errors which express nothing even if it has 2000 words, or even worse, your app has bad reviews. People are not blind. They will observe all these issues and they will lose their trust in your brand.

Consider Brand Awareness With Different Campaign Ad Types On Snapchat.

Snapchat is considered a real opportunity for brands to present their products. You can bring your app in front of your users in an impressive manner. Everything depends on your budget and the inspiration of designing an ad according to your style. AdWeek wrote an article that displays the strategies adopted by different brands which chose Snapchat for attracting customers in an original way.

Other results are published by Apptamin, which can make you realize the scale of investments in Snapchat Ads.

Make Sure You Track Post – Install Activities Like In – App Purchases To Measure Its Success

Even if you target the appropriate audience and you are confident on your skills you can’t create the campaign and then to take your mind off it. Maybe not all viewers receive the ad as enthusiastic as you would think. You need to stay vigilant and to track metrics which will prove that your strategy is a triumph.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat Ads are successful but this success is not for everybody. The most important thing you must do is to make sure that your users are adepts of this platform. If the answer is negative then read some of our articles where we share a lot of other methods for promoting your app. But, if the answer is positive, you just need to follow our best practices to create innovative ads using this powerful tool.

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