Advices for Doing Better Mobile Advertising

“Mobile is not a channel; it is a way of living!”
Mobile advertising is growing faster and getting stronger than other digital advertising formats in the world, thus advertisers do their bests to grab mobile users, of course. As in the case of all other advertising campaigns, in mobile arena it is important to do not annoy users as well. You should provide experience to them via appropriate, well-planned practices instead. Here you will get some tips for creating powerful mobile advertising.

  • Understand Your Target Audience

Each marketing activity could be focused for different target audiences. Even before work began on your mobile advertising, you should choose a target audience for it. Understanding both the value of app offers and to whom should be key drivers in its development. As you plan your marketing efforts, it’s important to align all activity to attracting that target audience.
To promote the upcoming season of its hit show Girls, HBO posted daily updates on Snapchat using the social network’s “Stories” feature to highlight behind-the-scenes video and images. After this effective cross promotion of the brand and the social media platform, multiple brands used Snapchat to engage with their customers and fans.
“Sending videos/photos directly to audiences’ phones offers the best targeted advertising for free.” Kenney says.

  • Provide Real Value

Providing value is the essential part of all brand activities in marketing processes, and in mobile marketing as well. They have to first provide value, and then allow consumers to decide whether it’s worth their time. You developed your app to be something unique, powerful and different. Before you go any further in crafting your marketing plan for it, make sure you write down exactly what makes your app so special and different. Differently from old times, advertisers struggle for give audiences some valuable experiences. For most consumers, the idea that advertising is a fair exchange for free content is an outdated one. Therefore, advertisers need to improve users’ in-app experience in some way and give them a reason to pay attention and appreciate the brand, a concept known as value exchange advertising.

  • Customize Your Call-to-Actions

First of all, mobile market has really its own dynamics and customization is so important for it. Cluttering up advertising that were created for other platforms (TV Commercial, digital banner ads, etc.) onto customers is one of the biggest mistakes. The mobile allows advertisers more than most of the other platforms like reaching out from the screen and touch customers; then acquiring & engaging them. Furthermore, it is not only online, but also offline. Thus, they have valuable informations to create effective and targeted call-to-action ads.

“If I know you are in midtown on a Tuesday at 3 p.m., I want to drive you to a store, and so I’ll show you ad with directions to the nearest location. Whereas if I see that you on your couch on a Monday night, I’m going to send you to our website for product information and maybe an ecommerce purchase. The circumstances in which we see you are going to dictate the creative that we ultimately serve.” Lieberman says.

  • Use Location Information

Advertising on mobile is also providing information about customers’ physical movements. What does it means? For example, if you are an electronic company, and trying to reach your audiences on Black Friday; it is important to know whether they were located in a Best Buy over the past two or three weeks, Lieberman says. When you have the location data, you can also target the specific demographics thanks to users’ detailed profiles.Then, to find the correct time and form for engagement will get easy.

Target is a good example in terms of customizing and using location advantage. It gives customers some special perks for interacting with it on a mobile device. Also customers can select their favorite Target store to view product availability, and interactive maps help them to easily locate the items in that stores.

  • Set The Time

When advertisers target their audiences on mobile, have an interest in “Who” most of the time and skip the really important question: “When”. Timing is crucial for first targeting audiences and then reaching them. Because it is not enough to reach customer in anytime. The point is that to reach them in their time and advertisers should watch for users’ this correct time to respond to content.  After catching up their most emotionally receptive moments, they should identify that moments and target them.

  • Position The Responsive Ads

Today, the users of mobile devices hope that every single click to create an meaningful action. Then, make sure that your mobile advertising campaign offer the kind of interactivity consumers want. Navigation should be intuitive and the best calls to action are easily applicable.
For instance, according to Internet Retailer, Fathead has not only embraced the mobile advertising platform, but completely tackled it. The new responsive mobile-friendly design has paid off big in terms of higher conversions, lower bounce rates, and much more.

  • Tell Them Your App’s Story

Your story is the your best advertising. In your mobile advertising, you can speak directly to the prospective downloader and explain why the app can help them, and why it is worth to downloading. Avoid unnatural speak and focus on words and claims instead that will be most relevant to your target audience, of course you shuld be creative! You can also use the power of humour while doing it.

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