A Comprehensive Guide For UX Flows of Mobile Shopping Apps

Mobile shopping apps are continuously becoming more and more popular in the digital world. User experience (UX) is an obvious determinant for the success of a mobile shopping app in this wild competition environment.

The analysis of the buyer’s behavior reveals the fact that about 30% of the potential customers tend to abandon the app as a result of the unsatisfying mobile experience. Potential customers also use various types of devices, which means that a mobile shopping app requires being compatible with each device for the best UX design.

There are 3 steps to be designed for better UX flows of mobile shopping adds. They are actually the basic elements of a shopping app, and the success of your app business depends on the success of each.

Step 1: Exploration and Search

Mobile shopping apps basically offer products or services to the potential customer. The products or services, the user is searching for having to be easy-to-find among many others. People would not spend a long time on exploration in an app because there are many alternative sellers. So, you need to offer such a UX that will make it easy to find what the user wants to buy.

  • Fast Load Time

Users get bored and lose their trust for the app while waiting for a page to be loaded. Spend time and money to provide an app that loads quickly to provide high-quality UX flows of mobile shopping apps. This feature is indispensable for an app. In this way, the user will not have time for distraction and you will manage to keep the user in your app for a longer time.

  • Effective Search Indexing

People cannot use the exact keywords all the time. They may not know the exact name of the product or may be trying to decide what to buy. So, make exploration and search easily for them. People do not want to get tired in an app. Try to be as simple and clear as possible and be supportive when their search method is not sufficient.

Auto-correction is very helpful in this sense. Also, you should work on demonstrating similar products or services considering the user’s keywords.

Step 2: Product Details

Online shopping is very popular but is not a piece of cake. Let’s say that your product is on the screen of the user as a result of perfect exploration features of your mobile shopping app. Now, you need to focus on convincing the potential customer to make a purchase.

On product pages, users would like to see all the details about a product or a service. Here they will search for reasons to trust you. The very best way to make them buy what you offer is to provide full product details. Stock availability, size of the product, color choices – when available, expected delivery time, things that make this product unique…

Also, you need to visualize what you have included in the description and features sections. You will increase your chance to sell your product if you place high-quality photos and videos on your product page.

  • Zooming Feature

The picture of the product is a must on a product page, and people almost always use a zooming feature. If it is a bag, they try to see the stitches and the design of the zipper. If it is a dress, they try to imagine the texture of the fabric. What really matters is: they feel that they can trust you when you reveal your product without covering anything.

  • User Reviews

You list tens of features on the product page, but the user will trust in other users more than in you. Let your potentials costumers see the reviews of previous users. You can even encourage your costumes to generate content like photos in your mobile shopping app. No doubt, you will need to work on getting positive reviews; however, the reviews of happy customers will bring you a lot more new costumes.

Step 3: Checkout and Payments

There is a common UX mistake in mobile shopping apps: they push the users to check out as fast as possible. If you believe that you have passed the first two steps successfully, the user will buy the product or service once they placed it in the cart. Now, it is time to allow users to continue shopping after adding an item to the cart.

People also like having freedom on mobile devices typically. This is why you should include a feature to remove or adjust items in the cart without effort. For example, let them change the number of products they have already added to the cart. However, try to make all these changes on the same screen without moving the user to another page.

  • Promotions And Deals

If you are offering a promotion, place this information on the checkout screen right before payment. For this feature, you should not interrupt the UX flow of a mobile shopping app. Instead, you can reveal the promotions on this screen before letting users go to another page.

  • Security

People will be looking for your safety measures because almost everybody is aware of the possibility of fraud in online payments. You can briefly inform them of how their personal information is safe with you. Even, adding a lock icon on the “a pay button” will mean something to the user. We also recommend you to have a longer and more detailed page including information about the security measures.

  • User-Friendly Forms

To complete the purchase, you will ask your user to give shipping address and personal information. Design clear and user-friendly forms for successful UX flows of mobile shopping apps. Provide numeric keyboard automatically for the fields requiring numeric data, enable them to save their address for future purchases etc.

Final Thoughts

If you want to win in the competitive e-commerce market, you need to easy-to-use and seamless UX flow for your potential costumers. The main focus should be providing a trustworthy and clear appearance. You need to spend effort and budget to make all your items on sale are described clearly and include review feature in your app design.

Tiny details have the power to determine the success of your mobile shopping app. If you have further questions about them, feel free to contact us!

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