4 Inspiring Mobile App Advertisements: Tinder, Angry Birds and More

When it comes to mobile apps, addiction and benefit are two sides of the same coin. On one side, adults in the United States spend more than three hours a day on their phones according to Statista. As you can see from the chart above, smart phone usage is only increasing as the years go by.


On another side, mobile apps are vital to our modern lives. We usе them for internet browsing, working, gaming, shopping, communicating, navigating, the list goes on. Essentially, mobile apps have simplified almost every aspect of everyday life. For this reason, mobile app developers are experiencing a golden age. The mobile app development advertising market is booming. In 2017, global spending on app advertising was $27.1 billion and is estimated to reach $64.1 billion in 2020. And if you want to create ads for your mobile app, you’ll definitely need some inspiration, in order the stand out from your competitors.

We prepared four mobile app advertising examples that will help you generate eye-catching ads for your app, reach your business goals. It all starts from a light-bulb moment. Here are four, common-sense, yet effective examples, to get inspired from.

Example 1. Take Advantage of Video Marketing Opportunities — Uber

Before we review the first mobile app ad example, just think of this: According to Statista, YouTube holds 37% of all mobile internet traffic in its hands. One mobile app is responsible for a third of mobile internet traffic. Considering the proliferation of mobile, and the amount of hours spent globally every day, the enormity of this one apps’ monopoly on our mobile internet lives is simply astounding.


Nowadays, a mobile device owner can watch videos every day for hours (depending on who you talk to).  If fact, our vocabulary has even been changed by this changing pop-cultural phenomenon and “Netflix and chill” is now a commonly used phrase. For this reason, more and more companies worldwide are using video in their digital promotion campaigns. Uber is no exception.

The company video campaign to promote its Uber Black service for business people who’d like a certain level of comfort during their ride. Clearly, you should try to launch a few video marketing campaigns too and see what they can bring for your mobile app.

Example 2. Celebrate Special Occasions with Your Community — Angry Birds

Your customers are your community. From a certain point of view, they’re your family. Every happy family strengthens its ties by spending time together. Since there’s no opportunity for congratulating every community and mobile app user personally, use every possible way to greet your family of customers and promote your products or services at the same time.

In the example above, you see Angry Birds celebrating National Dog Day with their fans who shared photos of their beloved pets and Angry Birds merchandise. You can do the same when promoting your own mobile app. Check the calendar, find a special occasion, and dedicate it to your community. It’s creative. And most importantly, it’s absolutely free.

Example 3. Use Storytelling and a Good Sense of Humor — Gametime


This two-minute commercial by Gametime has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. The first is that this ad is produced in a video format. We’ve already stressed why you should take advantage of video marketing for your mobile app. The second and most important advantage of this video ad example for mobile app advertising is the plot, or namely how it’s presented. Humor is one of the most powerful storytelling tools, especially when it comes to mobile app advertising.

We remember funny things better than anything else. For this reason, Gametime decided to make the introduction video for its mobile app not just entertaining, but funny.

What are the cons? When you decide to create a video ad, keep in mind that it should be as short as possible — up to 15 seconds. A two-minute video intro for your app will perfectly fit your website home page. But if you’d like to use video ads to find more leads or sell something to your current customers, don’t fatigue viewers with long stories. Once again, people love watching stories, even if these stories advertise something. But in our fast-paced world, people would rather click on a few-second video ad than on a few-minute commercial.


Example 4. Make Your Ads as Simple as Possible — Tinder

Modern users may be fatigued not only by long videos but by long messages. Simplicity is always the key to the hearts of your potential customers. In this mobile app advertising example made by Tinder, you see three short words, a simple photo, and the Install Now button that leads to the Google Play store.

In your own ad, you can attract users by highlighting any advantage of your mobile app or by making a tempting offer that will get them to click on your ad. Just note that you need to focus people’s attention on the essence and get rid of any superfluous information. Of course, simplicity is a double edged sword, and must be used wisely. In the case of the mobile app – Tinder, brand awareness is high, and thus, there isn’t a strong need to educate consumers with lengthy sentences, thus simplicity works well, as the target audience most likely, is already familiar with Tinder.

Get Inspired and Create!

Inspiration means a lot when creating online ads. To promote your mobile app, you should:

  • Focus on video advertising. It has big potential, and video ad production has become much cheaper.
  • Remember that you can also advertise for free by publishing on Facebook and other marketing channels.
  • Use storytelling. In other words, don’t promote your app; tell interesting stories that people would like to know.
  • Take a simple approach to creating your mobile app advertising. Don’t make people bored and be straight about what you’re offering.

We hope these ad examples will help you achieve your marketing objectives faster and more effectively. Good luck!

About the Author
This blog post was written by Igor Byrdin, a copy-writer for Softcube, who has over 4 years of experience writing about website building, digital marketing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and video production.


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