3 In-App Ad Formats Will Make You the Most Money in 2019

In today’s world, there is nothing one cannot do with a smart phone. That is why now more and more people own a smartphone and carry it everywhere. They use it to socialize, to receive news, to give news, for business, for entertainment, for research purposes and most of all for shopping. For most of the people now, it is not hard to join a business meeting, make research for their thesis or search for the second-hand auto they have long been waiting to buy.
Marketers and developers are now thinking on how to dive into this mobile app frenzy and promote their products to this mobile crowd. Luckily, we are in the digital era now and they are lucky enough to use these rich media ads. This is just when your mobile app comes to the scene. Mobile app usage is increasing in the world, the rates are even higher than desktop web usage. Various researcher even predict that mobile app economy will touch $188.9B worldwide by the year 2020 according to knowband.com November 2018 data.  ) It is time to get familiar with the word mobile app ad monetization which has many ways to turn your mobile app into a money-making tool in 2019. So how apps make money? Here is the answer.Frankly, there are many rich media ads for boosting your app revenue. But in this constantly developing digital world, who actually would like to click on an irrelevant holiday village ad while making research on car insurances? Native In-app video ads never irrelevant to what the user has been doing. They disguise as one of the things the user is searching or they suddenly appear between the reading panels making a user think it is another source of information or editorial content but actually it is an in-app video ad. For example; wouldn’t it be nice if Liberty Insurance Company in-app video ad stays right in the middle while the user is looking info on car insurances? It is just so natural and hidden.

Image: http://www.businessofapps.com/mobile-native-ad-guide/

According to sharethrough.com, 97 % of media buyers report that native ads are very or somewhat effective at achieving branding goals.  Although hidden, a recent study of Stanford University suggests that native ads do not fool users, they are well aware of the fact that they click an ad. There are many social media giants like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that invest heavily on native ads. Native ads are user-friendly tailor-made ads and never annoying to users like irrelevant pop-up ads that users have a hard time getting rid of. According to outbrain.com, consumers look at native ads 53 % more than display ads. This explains why in-app video ads have higher eCPM rates (cost per mille) than display ads. Once you partner with effective ad networks, your native in-app video fill rates (networks’ ability to fill ad requests) would also be high. So why not make it to your first step to your mobile app ad monetization? While users are on mobile apps, they tend to click on ads that take their attention. Why click on a table display ad standing silently by the side of the reading panel especially when the person does not need to buy a table at the time? But what if there is a box on that table saying “would you like to open me to see your gift?”, wouldn’t it be tempting for the user? Interactive ads interact with the user when clicked either giving the user some kind of advantage in purchasing or they sometimes include a simulation that the user click, touch or tap to win a prize or a discount from the company or try the company’s products. Interactive ads are fun and they generally guarantee a click if they offer advantages for users. People like having fun in smartphones and in-app interactive video ads guarantee high user engagement. They generally create wonder and take advantage of people’s ambition to win a prize. According to digital-me-up, 92% of the businesses who have tried interactive videos think that it’s an effective business tool. Some brand companies use interactive ads giving the users a chance to virtually try on their latest collection.

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Playable ads are slightly different than interactive ads, they let the user play a short game which eventually directs the user to the store to download the game or app no matter how poor the user’s performance is. Some game companies prepare short versions of their games to get the user download it or some car or shoe companies prepare short games that gives the user a kind of advantage or a gift when the user finishes the game and downloads the app. Playable ads are an increasing trend among not only game developers but also among many highly appreciated brands. With a strong advertising network and a clever ad idea, interactive ads and playable ads would reflect to your app as high eCPM and fill rates.Rewarded ads are regarded as the most effective mobile app ad monetization method with a rate of 75 % among all the other ad methods according to econsultancy.com. So why not use this highly effective ad method in your app? These video ads promise extra features for users like completing a level, extra lives, points or premium content when watched until the end. The users normally cannot turn them off and they have to watch it until the end to gain the promised extra. Rewarded videos are the fastest growing mobile app ad monetization method as they offer free content in return. They offer a quick in-app video which directs the user to the store for download while offering extra features that the user needs in the actual app the user is using. This method is used by both game developers and advertisers. According to ironsrc.com, Global eCPM of rewarded video on Android and iOS in September 2018 increased by 1.2% and by 0.4% respectively in November 2018. Fill rate for rewarded ads are also high as they usually hide inside the app or the game and meets with the user without any difficulty.

Image: http://www.businessofapps.com/ads/rewarded-video/

According to mobvista.com, just having the option to interact makes the ad 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads. For sure it increases brand reputation and this reflects as high eCPM rates to your app. For developers, fill rates are also important as they show the rate of the ads shown to users and not every ad can be shown due to network or locational problems. Ad formats are constantly changing like technology. It is important to stay up to date and to watch the changes closely.  Most of the leading technology web pages support that all 3 ad formats mentioned above are user engagement and retention increasing formats that guarantee more positive user experience and thus more money making through ads.
Choosing the right ad for your app is never easy. It is rather hard to choose from rich media ads in today’s digital world which provide you with the high eCPM and fill rates. But once you get to know the benefits of each in-app ad, then you can have a tailor-made solution for your app that makes you realize how apps make money through in-app ads.

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