2021 Mobile Marketing Predictions and Effects of IDFA

The COVID-19 and IDFA change brought about the change in mobile advertising. Many advertisers and publishers have been affected by this situation. While COVID-19 affects the situation positively, the IDFA change agenda affects this situation as much negatively. Thanks to App Samurai experts, which are experts in mobile advertising and can adapt to changes, brands will welcome the effects of IDFA change and covid-19.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Mobile Advertising?

When we look at the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on mobile advertising, we can say that there are generally two important effects on mobile devices. The first is video watching, gaming, and mobile shopping, which increase due to the acceleration in users’ behavior changes. Second, it accelerated innovation so that advertisers and publishers discover new app platforms and adapt to user behavior changes. Thanks to Covid’s forcing users to screens, advertisers survived and even largely succeeded. However, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic started to decrease at the point reached in 2021. This indicates that negative conversions have started in mobile app advertising. With IDFA changes, advertisers and publishers are waiting for hard times. As a result, we can say that Covid-19 has emerged as an accelerator rather than a radical change agent, especially in the mobile environment. With the emergence of virus vaccines, the pandemic may decline in 2021 and accelerate. New technologies and markets will take advantage of the new opportunities created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Examples of this created new markets such as work from home and education given in the pandemic. The virus has enhanced the technology, and therefore, we will continue to see new markets opening up. User habits that have changed by COVID can become more rooted, and we will see these gains deepen and expand.

Effects of IDFA Changes

Its implications for IDFA are in the framework of app monitoring transparency. This effect forces app developers to notify app users if they want to track and share data using Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). This change makes personalized advertising and attribution more difficult for advertisers and publishers. Also, it provides a transition from waterfall auctions to contextual advertising. With the change in the use of IDFA, there will be many changes in retargeting and advertising monetization. Advertisers will have to revert from ad campaign optimizations. Numerous new ad technology initiatives may arise due to this restriction of advertisers. App Samurai, an expert in mobile app advertising, can support you in this new era. The current paradigm of ad production and optimization will become untenable with the IDFA change. Creative production and automation on a large scale become less meaningful if there are no detailed data on the variants and sub-variants to make different decisions. Today’s iterative advertising approach will turn into an approach that focuses more on user research and understanding user motivations. Creative advertising strategies or user researchers will be in demand. Mobile app marketing will evolve into a holistic function rather than a function driven by media buying. It can be similar to how traditional brands and marketing work. Creativity and messaging strategy will be more critical in order not to return to the traditional. Publishers and advertisers are already devoting time and resources to optimizing this situation.

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