Tips To Make Amazing End Cards For Mobile Video Ads

Video is one of the most efficient ad formats of this year. That’s it, we said it again! But who would believe that it can become even greater? You heard that right! If you use a rich end card for finishing the video, you will achieve a lot more than you think. Let’s see how.

What Does End Card Mean?

First things, first. We need to define the term for a better understanding of this technique. An end card is usually an interactive set of creatives displayed in the moment a video ends. Even though it appears like a section of video ad it is a standalone format which requires special implementation. You should look at end cards like a little bridge built for reaching further the target audience. It is a strategy which can become very beneficial when you want to build a strong relationship between your users and your brand. As InMobi says, end cards which appear after a 15 – second video ad proved 9 times engagement over static banner ads.

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Best Practices For Creating Effective End Cards

For a good strategy, you need to respect some rules. We made a list of the most important ones.

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Don’t Use More Than 3 CTAs

When we talk about end cards you must know that a clear Call To Action is mandatory. Two CTAs are effective. Three CTAs are helpful. More CTAs are useless. You must remove the ambiguity and you can do that by allowing users to make the next step without confusing them during the process. You can’t leave them at the end of the video without any directions for further actions but you shouldn’t provide the sensation that they have more options than they can handle. The trick is to find the balance between those two feelings.

Emphasize App Store Links

Let’s make it clear from the start. We are discussing about end cards but we highlight its advantages for promoting your mobile app. This is the reason why you should integrate certain buttons which will lead users directly to your app store page. This way you create a shortcut that will bring you more valuable customers. Oh, and never ever forget about App Store Optimization! Otherwise your efforts are pointless. Add useful links to the app stores in a visible place of your card for maximizing their effects.

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Add Website And Social Media Links

It is a good approach to add other contact information like social media links or your website. Keep in mind that you are running your ad on mobile so everything should be responsive and to offer the best experience no matter the screen sizes and resolutions of users’ devices. Remember a few secrets about creating a great landing page for your app. Again, social accounts are very important whenever you want to connect with your customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach them through their preferred channel.

Customize Regarding To Your App Type

With end cards as with any other format in mobile advertising, you need to get really creative when it comes to engaging users. Offer them something valuable, like a little prize for their attention. More than that, you should specify that your offer is limited in order to influence their decision and to convince them to act as fast as possible. This way you will persuade them to take advantage of this momentum.  In the same time, you just need to adapt this advice to your app category.

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Adjust To Desired KPIs

When you display the end card you need to keep in mind the goal set at the beginning of your campaign. What do you want to achieve? You must integrate the necessary items which will guide users to the next step of your strategy. The end card could represent the proof that users enjoyed the video ad and that they are ready for more. Don’t lose this opportunity for meeting their needs and for making your app a habit for them. Focus your energy in showing them how valuable is your brand.

Don’t Forget Testing

It is vital to test your creatives in order to obtain maximum results. This is another practice we keep repeating over and over again. It is a shame to base your campaign on assumptions when there are so many options for you to choose from. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget about A/B testing even more if you are using an advertising tool specialized in providing interactive end cards like the feature recently launched by Tapjoy. Remember that you must be aware of your users’ opinion before spending a great amount of your budget on a technique that might fail due to the lack of some essential elements.

Understand The VAST

VAST stands for Digital Video Ad Serving Template offered by IAB and it became a standard for advertising procedures. It should be used for increasing the performances of your ad. The latest version is VAST 4.0 UPDATED which we strongly recommend you to download and to follow the guidelines for the sake of your campaign. This format is integrated in the Companion Ads section but feel free to consult VAST every time you create an ad.

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Be Recognizable

When you design your end card you should follow the same theme chosen for your entire campaign. Avoid being boring and provide interesting effects thanking users for the time spent with your ad. In the same time use these additional few seconds for enhancing the big picture of your app. Add also your logo and any other element which will remind users about your brand. Every single detail should be adapted to your style with the purpose to increase customers’ confidence for the products you offer.

Final Thoughts

End Cards for mobile video ads bring an extra value to the results obtain after winning users’ attention with a well – crafted promotional clip. Why to stop at the end of the video when you can continue with your efforts to communicate to your users a special message about your app.

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