Mobile Gaming Updates for 2019

Mobile games now account for nearly half of gaming revenue globally. Once mobile games were considered as a humble edition to any gaming company’s arsenal of games, now has transformed into entire teams and departments focused solely on mobile games. This is a fast-paced world. Currently one-third of all global iOS, Android and other third party app store’s downloads are gaming apps.  Mobile gaming is evolving fast: updates come fast, new games develop rapidly and customer turn-over comes even faster, as consumers are spoilt for choice in this free-to-play world.  So, to keep up with the world of mobile games, check out our mobile gaming updates for 2019.

China’s Regulations

This mobile gaming update is perhaps, not the most exciting one. It will be hard for publishers to publish games in China following the earlier legislative reforms in China and the creation of the Ethics Game Committee. Foreign publishers and developers now need to adhere to new regulations, which can be especially challenging as China is well known for their lengthy administrative processes. However, this new committee is not just affecting foreign developers and publishers, but also domestic, as Chinese developers and publishers may look to focuses on overseas markets, so lessen the administrative burden of the new structure.  

Hyper-Casual Mobile Games

Once, this genre was popularized in 2007, and referred to as “casual games”. Then mobile games evolved. Now we require even more categorization to account for the ever-growing number of diverse mobile games. Hence, “hyper-casual games”, a term that came into prominence in the mid-late 2010’s. As the name indicates, hyper casual mobile games are lightweight mobile games offering immediate gameplay with easy mechanics. Hyper-casual games are not only immediately playable, but infinitely replayable, making them extremely addictive and engaging due to their basic’ simplicity.’ You can expect to see a rise in these games in 2019, as these games are a favorite of new gamers (both younger and older entrants into the market).

Epic Will Expand its Store to Mobile

Epic decided previously this year to bypass the Google Play Store when it chose to publish Fortnite’s Android edition through a dedicated proprietary launcher. We expect the firm to introduce a dedicated mobile launcher for its future games and possibly the titles of other publishers — mainly a portable edition of the Epic Games Store. This bold move, will certainly raise some eyebrows, get attention, and possibly even pave the way for more android games to bypass Google Play. Who knows, we might even be reporting on future mobile gaming updates, influenced by Epic’s move.

Final Thoughts

We hear this time, and time again, that x industry, or job, or company is fast-paced and evolving quickly. Few places can truly exemplify this other than mobile gaming. So kudos to you, reader, for trying to keep up with the mobile gaming updates!

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