Mobile App Success Story: DU Recorder

Operating Systems, especially Android, have never really been in the habit of allowing users screen-record. Users were previously required to root their phones first before they could record anything on their screen. This whole process was tedious and a little bit risky because of the dangers associated with phone rooting. However, all these processes became a thing of the past, as a result of the advent of apps which support various phone versions, both Android and iOS. One of such apps is known as the DU Recorder.

DU Recorder App is a screen recorder for Android, which helps users record stable, clear and hitch-free screen videos. With a number of enticing in-app features like the presence of the screen capture option, video editing option and the video recorder tab, as well as the fact that the App requires no rooting to be set up, the App has been adopted by smartphone users who are always on the lookout for easy ways to record video calls, live shows, screen videos, game videos and so on. Basically, the app focuses itself on simplifying the whole process.

Brilliant Idea

DU group has been one that dedicates itself to the creation of innovative apps for both Android and iOS platforms, especially Android platforms. This is very evident in the company’s success, in its previous mobile applications. With over 1billion users globally; the App developer no doubt is very focused on “user satisfaction.” This is the same thing they sought to achieve with the DU Recorder App. The App does not only record videos, the app has other amazing features which include Recording video calls, capturing screenshots and more. Here are some amazing features of the DU Recorder App:

  • DU Recorder app is one that allows users to record and store whatever goes on their smart phone’s screen. The App does not even require users to root before they can record. The App is, however, not all about the recording, the DU Recorder app features an editing tool, which users can use to edit these recordings, once they are done with it.

  • The App’ setting tab contains several features which include video quality adjustment options like the number of frames the video plays per second, which is up to 60FPS, the video output, which can be as high as 1080p and the video’s quality, anywhere between 4-12Mbps.
  • After recording and adjusting all these options, users can go ahead and edit their videos. There are several fantastic editing features like the fact that users are allowed to crop and link pieces together; include a background music and adjust the video’s volume.
  • You can choose to customize your videos the way you want and after that is done, you save to your phone’s memory. There is equally a ‘share’ option where users can get to share their videos directly over social networks. Users also get to record gameplay videos, very fast and clear. Actually, this option helps the app to grow organically because these shares are being made under the name of DU Recorder and increases the app’s visibility, especially in social media platforms.


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  • There is also an easy to use image editing option in the app, which is not rocket science as users get to use fun effects like photo blurring, stitching or compiling a couple of pictures to resemble a collage.


How Du Recorder App Did It

DU Recorder, which was created by the DU Group, a development company with a long list of apps which have been relevant in several ways than one to the lives of a number of app users globally. These popular apps, which are definitely free, include DU Battery Saver, DU Antivirus, DU Flashlight, DU Privacy vault, DU Browser and so on; the company added another feather to its cap through the creation of the DU Recorder.
DU recorder is a very powerful recording tool, which allows users to register and several tasks and happenings on their smartphone’s screen.

Making the videos require little or no space from your phone, but while saving them, you need to have a sufficient amount of space available, as the videos are usually of high quality, thus requires good space; more so if the video you are making is a 1280×720HD video type. The bigger the video type, the greater the required space.
Once you open the app, a floating icon is revealed, you can immediately click on the icon and select ‘record’. There is also a face cam feature which allows users to record their own face and look; You could also utilize the brush within the app to draw items on the screen.
Available on both Android and iOS play stores, the App’s last known update occurred in July,23rd, 2018. The App, which supports Android version 21 and has the App Size 9.7; belongs to the ‘Free Video Players and Editors App’ category. The App also has a content rating, so anyone can use it. In the iOS store, the app appears under the Utilities tools category, and is also available in a number of languages like; English, Chines, Japanese, Spanish and so on.

Business Model

The app and it’s developing company- DU Group- obviously came into the industry with fresh ideas and unique thoughts, leveraging on the success of their several mobile applications. These unique ideas contained in the App are below.

Live Streaming Option

The App even has a live streaming option which allows users to live stream their screens to different sites such as Facebook, YouTube and so on. The DU Recorder is one App that is certainly versatile.

User-Friendly and Easy to Use

DU Recorder App is considered very user-friendly and totally convenient, not only because of its amazing features; but also because its developers are always making conscious efforts to develop better and bigger versions of the App; with adequate adjustments made to correct any hitch encountered in the previous version.

Free to Use

The App, which is completely free to use, has a live APK which is accessible. The App is not just considered totally free, but it is also free from any unnecessary ads and there are no hidden charges, unlike some other apps where users are lured with the ‘free’ clause only to discover hidden charges midway into the app’s use.

No Recording Time Limit

There is an absence of time limits as users get to decide how long they want to record for. This is one reason people are endeared to it. You do not have to make your videos brief because the app you are recording with requires you to, instead; you get to tell yourself when it is long enough.

Language Interface

The App’s APK also contains a language interface in a vast collection of languages, thus making it possible for non-English speaking users to comfortably make use of it and understand how it works which is actually an important component of ASO strategy.

Final Thoughts

Most times you just want to record items either on your phone, vlog, games and other platforms on your phone; DU Recorder projects you with the basics you need.  The Recorder App, which doubles as a Screen Recorder and Video Editor; is a premium quality recorder which makes it easy for its users to record videos. Although there are ads visible ads within the app, the ads are not overwhelming. They do not even get in the way of your video recording. The ads are very subtle and strategically placed.
The only hitch this app has actually been detected to have is the fact that the app lags a lot; however with the consistent change and upgrade of the app regularly and the fact that each newly released version is usually a notch higher than the rest, it is certain this hitch would soon be a thing of the past.

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