Mobile Advertising: Benefits Of Providing Right Context

Have you ever imagined ads as a win – win situation for both advertisers and customers? That is an ideal world. Where marketers offer helpful ads and users stop fighting against them. You are probably saying: “Yes, that will be possible in ten years or so!” Believe it or not, the future is closer than you think.

Rise Of Mobile Ad Blocking Issue

Everybody’s time is very precious. Who wants to occupy parts of their lives with useless and intrusive ads? This is the reason for the high number of users that choose to block the ads. But the answer can be in marketers’ hands. If they prove that their ads can be useful and they can be delivered according to users’ needs, then the situation would change in a positive way. It is essential to take action because bad experience from few campaigns has disastrous effects over the other marketers that are interested in developing smart strategies concentrated on users’ interest. The solution we are talking about is contextual advertising and we will see in what manner it can improve the relation between advertisers and customers.

What Is Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a type of marketing aimed on serving targeted and personalized ads. This is not a new concept. It is used for years, but only by the ones that care about their business and their customers. It is essential that this phenomenon to spread around and to reach every brand owner for optimizing his marketing campaign. You probably observed the situation when you are looking for a product on Internet and after that the specific item appears inside ads everywhere on your way. For a higher level of segmentation advertisers follow more than your last search.

What To Leverage?

First of all, let’s look where data is. Keep in mind that mobile is a dynamic world. What goes now isn’t available after a while. You need to be permanently alert to every change that may occur.
Time (Holidays, events etc.)
It is important to start with the suitable moment for delivering the message. During Holidays or special events, users are expecting to receive useful information according to their activities. Connecting that with your ads will show you the wanted results.
As we mentioned keywords are a valid clue of users’ interests. Determining a group of people with the same concerns allows you to deliver a targeted message for solving their problems. Take for example, Google Search which correlates users’ needs with the proper ad.
Personal Context
Considering individual preferences, advertiser can discover in what way they can bring their products in front of users without intruding. It is very important to offer meaningful experience for receiving proper answers.

Track Users’ Events To Create Profiles

Following users’ behavior for discovering buyer personas is one of the most important stages for a successful strategy. With the absence of cookies in app’s environment the solution is provided by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms which start building user profiles after the first use of the app and they continue to add new characteristics whenever customers reopen the app.

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Benefits Of Providing The Right Context

Although this might be obvious we need to elaborate a little more this idea, because contextual advertising is more than finding the right users. It is about connecting with them and providing a pleasant experience overall.

Fit Users’ Interest

Build respectful relations with users by showing relevant context. By definition, contextual marketing means to respect each user and his preferences. Treating him with the highest consideration will improve his point of view regarding your brand. Show him that you are aware of his activities and his budget like a close friend, as described in the image below.

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Reach High Value Users

Target relevant users. It isn’t an easy job but you need to remember that relevant context brings relevant users. The ad presented must be dependent of users’ behavior in that specific time. Take for example, Hubbl who use contextual ads to present apps to customers that are really looking for them. This way app owners can be sure that users really open their apps after installing them increasing not only user acquisition rate but also retention rate.

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Higher ROI

Higher conversion rates because of good experience and relevance. It is not enough to build user profiles. It is essential to know how to handle them. Luckily, mobile devices help marketers to reach their goal. Getting in touch with users in an opportune moment will increase the chances to impress them. The smart strategy applied by Weather Channel doesn’t need any presentation. Who doesn’t want to take a break from holding the umbrella and to have a hot cup of coffee instead?

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Targeting Further

Highly detailed user segmentation thanks to in app analytics data.  It is all about data. Having the right information gives you the ability to show the right ad to the right audience. Users are speaking to you. You just need to listen. If your users are hungry, then you need to offer them food. Study the technique adopted by Chicory and you will understand what we mean.

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Respects User Experience

You must be aware that an ad displayed to your user in a specific moment can make you win him or lose him. Taking care of the way users perceive the entire process will bring you benefits on long term. Customers were impressed by the attention offered by L’oreal Paris in form of an ad for one of its products, displayed on a weather app in Hong Kong.

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Creating the right momentum for your customers could be the solution to receive their attention. We must pass beyond the time when marketers attacked customers with all types of annoying ads and after that watching them running away as fast as possible. This is a new era defined by contextual advertising where users dictate when, where and how they receive ads and advertisers act accordingly.

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