How will Artificial Intelligence Affect Mobile Apps?

Artificial Intelligence is trending and many businesses and leading technology companies are not missing a beat. Apps can also benefit too. Mobile internet and data usage have become more popular than ever within the last decade. Mobile is the fastest-growing digital advertising channel. Thus, a convergence of the two will certainly offer opportunities to grow your business or app. We’ll look at what is artificial intelligence (AI) and how to use it for mobile app growth. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is a discipline of computer science that is focused on the development of intelligent machines that function and work like humans. With AI, machines are becoming capable to perform human-like tasks and adjust to new inputs while learning from experience gained. This experience gained comes in the form of past data obtained. Artificial Intelligence allows us to save more time while enhancing the way we handle our tasks in a more effective way. With its unquenchable learning and executing abilities, it makes various tasks easier due to automation and potentially less error and greater accuracy. 

Artificial intelligence is increasing in numerous facets including the number of companies specializing in AI-based services, social acceptance of AI services, number of companies that utilize AI services and width and breadth of AI services available and capabilities. It is no wonder, seeming as mobile is the fastest-growing digital channel, that mobile and app marketing could eventually collide with AI. 

What are the advantages of AI on mobile marketings?

Smarter Analytics

AI will facilitate detailed analysis of apps. AI could help build, in real-time, custom experiences by shifting the placement of banners, key sections or even buttons basis user behaviors and on-screen device click data. It wıll also have the ability to affect user experience in mobile apps. As powerful and transformative as it sounds, we now have devices and apps that can see, learn, understand and execute tasks which means that it will change the way mobile apps work dramatically.  

With all these constant groundbreaking improvements in AI technologies, it is now possible to have more accurate analysis.  These patterns, data, and outputs can be put to good use, to potentially affect the way your business or product is run, your monetization strategy, or even your user experience. This could lead to KPIs such as a higher LTV, or longer session times and ultimately a greater ROI. 


AI systems can be useful in understanding, interpreting and setting a context for re-targeting ads. Potentially impacting conversions from retargeting ads to improve the effectiveness of your mobile app’s advertising spends. In fact, App Samurai uses smart AI to optimize your ad campaigns. One of the ways how contextual awareness makes an app more effective is that it’s making your mobile app more experienced and responsive with all the information it gathers, thus becomes more beneficial in terms of saving money while enhancing the way your mobile apps advertising works. 

Contextual awareness helps to gather information about user habits and a history of their day to day usage which enables your app to have the right response for each individual as well as providing them with a more personalized experience by detecting and understanding their interests. By collecting all this data, AI will help to enhance the user experience and create more special and relevant content to have an impact and thus bring more users on board. A common example of this is Tik Tok’s user feed, which is touted as one of the most effective and tailored news feeds, which is hypothesized to partially be responsible for the app’s growth and retention rates. 

 Learning Ability

Learning by trial and error is basically the simplest form of this intelligence. Sometimes, the program may have to try various attempts at random to achieve a single purpose and when it finds the right move, it stores the solution for future use. And when such a problem surfaces again, it will not hesitate to recall the previously stored solution. 

Reasoning Ability

Now that more people see their mobile devices as companions than just ordinary machines, it is time to make them reason as humans so as to be able to enhance the interaction process. In iPhone app development, developers can enhance reasoning by drawing appropriate inferences to the situation.

Developers need to understand how relevant inferences can be drawn to proffer a credible solution to a particular situation or task.


These days, more and more mobile users interact with their devices mainly to search for solutions to their problems. In a bid to help users attain some predefined solutions or goals, many mobile app developers and mobile app development companies are integrating problem-solving as an aspect of AI.


Artificial Intelligence is going to help users and developers with the power of understanding context or with voice-enabled innovations. The future is so exciting as we will see more and more mobile apps using technology, software and innovation that is powered by AI. We are now in an era where smartphones are hundreds of times faster and powerful than the inaugural computer. Quite remarkably now with AI, mobile phones have enough computational capability to feed and process datasets. Each and every day our wants and needs change by the unstoppable growth of technology. Users now ask for a better and more individual experience and by merging with mobile technology, AI will be able to give users this experience. Not only for the average user but from a broader perspective, it will have a major impact on many business sectors.

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