How Prominently Should You Place Your App on New Devices?

How Prominently Should You Place Your App on New Devices? 

After developing your app and getting your app marketing efforts prepared, one of the biggest steps to take next is to decide which platforms are ideal for launching your app. While many developers may simply want to cover as many devices as possible, it’s in their best interest to carefully choose the right ones for app placement. Maximizing reach is great, but establishing a strong connection with target markets is more ideal. After all, you want people to not just know about your app, but you also want them to download and actively use it.

In thinking about what types of platforms are best for your app, you’re likely to look at various app stores and websites based on compatibility and your audience’s preferences. However, another potential option is on-device media inventory (OEM). Here we’ll review exactly what OEM is and how you can choose these and other platforms according to the audience you’re trying to target.

What Is OEM?

OEM advertising enables app placement within premium manufactured devices, which include Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo devices. In driving OEM traffic, your app will be either preinstalled or recommended on new devices, which can drastically increase the chances that people will install and use your app over others in the same category.  

Through OEM advertising with App Samurai, you can connect to users across millions of devices in more than 180 countries. Using these services, your app won’t appear like a sponsored ad. Instead, the app will benefit from organic placement that makes the app feel more native to the device, further encouraging new users to open it. 

Although competition may be stiff in the app world, you can gain the upper hand over competitors by avoiding competition entirely with OEM traffic. Unlike other types of app placement, you’ll appear next to a minimal number of other apps to increase your visibility and single you out. Additionally, when working with App Samurai, you’ll benefit from a dependable and fraud-free partnership that helps you get the most from your OEM advertising efforts. 

How OEM Works

When using OEM advertising to reach customers with the help of App Samurai, the process works in two simple yet highly effective ways:

  1. Your app could come preinstalled on new devices
  2. Your app could appear as a recommendation on new smartphones at the right time

Both of these options can drastically increase the chances that users will use your app instead of less prominently placed alternatives. 

While OEM advertising and other types of placement can be invaluable when launching your new app, you need to take the time to carefully choose the ideal placement for your application. There are a number of factors to consider that could greatly affect your app placement strategy.

How to Decide on the Right Platforms for App Placement

You have a wide selection of potential platforms available to you as an advertiser. However, the costs of development for each can limit your budget, and you may not reach your target audiences by placing your app on the wrong platforms. Generally, you will have three main platforms available to you when launching your app, including Apple, Samsung, and the web. All three come with certain advantages and disadvantages, making it important to choose only the platforms that are worth the time and investment. 

As you decide on the right platforms for app placement, you’ll want to consider factors such as cost, security and target demographics, all of which could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful launch. The following is a guide to help you choose the ideal platforms for your app, including mobile devices for OEM advertising.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Platforms

Every platform has its purpose, but some will be more beneficial than others depending on the specific app. If you’re wondering which platform to use, take the following into consideration:


Generally, if you don’t have a lot to invest in your app launch and app placement, web-based apps are more economical. However, you may find that it’s worth the investment to spring for mobile devices from the start, which can generate significant ROI over time. 

Target Users’ Income Level

Also, consider the kind of budget your target market is working with. How much do they make compared to how much they spend? Users who aren’t as willing to spend big on apps likely use Android or web-based apps. For customers who are able and willing to spend more, Apple devices are often worth targeting.

App Functionalities

If you want to use certain functionalities that are unique to smartphones, it’s best to target mobile devices. For instance, your app may be used to make calls, access the device’s photos, or determine the user’s location.

Security Concerns

If you’re planning to launch your app on Android devices, you may require the assistance of a developer who can maintain security. Generally, iPhones are more secure and that security is easier to maintain on these devices. 

Development Flexibility

iOS devices tend to have more stringent development rules, allowing for less freedom for developers compared to Android devices. If you want to have more flexibility in this area, you’re better off launching on Android devices.

If you want to find out more about which platform to target for app placement, there are some specific pros and cons of each to think about.

Targeting Apple iOS Devices

 Apple serves over a billion Apple device users, making these devices some of the best for your platform. Specifically, you’ll benefit from targeting Apple iPhones and iPads with your app, and the platforms offer some unique benefits over others. These advantages include:

More Predictability

Developers may not want to deal with Apple’s increased control over their platform, as Apple has certain restrictions in place and development costs are higher on this platform. On the other hand, Apple maintains a more solid structure that provides more predictability.

Target More High-Income Users

Apple devices are almost notoriously expensive, which means that many iOS users have more money to spend on the apps they use. Whether buying your app from the start or completing in-app transactions, you’re likely to see more sales with iOS users, especially if items come with a heftier price tag.

Maintain a Good UX

Because of the smaller number of Apple device types compared to Samsung, you and your customers will benefit from an improved user experience. Apple also frequently launches iOS updates that optimize overall functionality for its users.

Targeting Samsung Android Devices

The market for Android devices is growing, with experts predicting that 2021 will end with more than 131 million Android users. If you’re thinking of using this platform for app placement, including OEM advertising, some benefits include:

Older and More Cost-Conscious Audiences

Compared to Apple devices, more people between the ages of 55 to 64 tend to use Android devices, which is great for apps targeting these audiences. Additionally, if you want to reach users who are on a lower income level, you’ll be able to connect with them more effectively via Android than iOS.

More Development Freedom

Unlike iOS, Android uses an open-source platform, which offers developers more freedom. This means that developers can use their own pre-built models, which keeps development expenses lower. Additionally, Android has fewer rules in place for developers, further enhancing both flexibility and cost-effectiveness for programmers. 

Targeting the Web

In addition to or in lieu of mobile devices, you may want to target the web. This platform offers certain advantages that may make it more ideal for your application in some cases.

Extend Your Reach

One of the main benefits of web-based apps is the ability to reach everyone who uses the internet. People will be able to access your app using any device connected to the web, regardless of the operating system.

Cost-Effective Development

It’s also far cheaper to use web-based apps as a developer. Regardless of the app’s complexity and functionality, you’ll benefit from more flexibility and cost-effectiveness when developing a website for your app. You won’t need to worry about the restrictions you might otherwise experience with mobile devices.

Although you may want to launch your app on the web, keep in mind that mobile apps are more ideal if you want users to utilize certain mobile features, such as the phone’s GPS or camera. 

Determine Which Platforms Are Right for You

When it comes down to it, you should take the time to decide on the right platform for your app based on your specific needs, along with your budget and audience. Figure out which platforms your audience uses and target them through their devices, which will help you achieve the best results with your app placement strategy. If you don’t choose the platforms that are best-suited for your app and mobile marketing efforts, you risk going over budget while minimizing ROI as people neglect to actually use your app. 

At App Samurai, we can help you target the ideal platform through our innovative OEM advertising services. If you would like to learn more about these and other solutions we offer, contact us today to discuss your individual needs.

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