Easter 2022: How to Position Your App for the Holiday

Easter 2022: How to Position Your App for the Holiday

For app owners, the Easter holiday offers plenty of opportunities to increase user acquisition and retention. To get the best results with your mobile marketing efforts ahead of the holiday, you need to optimize your campaigns to connect with prospective and existing users. There are many ways you can take full advantage of Easter to position your app above competitors and succeed with your app.

To help you boost user acquisition with mobile marketing this April, the following are some effective Easter marketing strategies to implement.


Optimize Your App Store Page

The very first thing you should do to position your app is to make sure it’s visible in the app store. App store optimization (ASO) is a great way to ensure people find you first when searching for your app category in app stores. 

You can start by making sure your description accurately describes your app and lists the various features included, which you may update to include Easter-themed items. Your screenshots could also include images of your app’s Easter theme if you choose to integrate one, which is something you could do ahead of every major holiday.

To help further boost your app’s performance in app stores, ask users to leave reviews with in-app messages. This can help drive more positive reviews that contribute to increased rankings.

Easter-themed Offers and Giveaways

A great way to get people excited for the holiday and keep them engaged with your app is to provide offers and giveaways to users. Offers could include deals on certain items in your app, such as discounts on products in an eCommerce app or in-app purchases for other types of apps. This will help drive sales as the holiday approaches.

Make sure your offers are available well in advance to give people plenty of time to shop. Additionally, let users know of the date when the sales period ends to get more people to commit to purchases. To make the most of this holiday, you may want to end sales periods after Easter Monday to give people more time to engage. 

Additionally, you can launch Easter-themed competitions on social media that encourage people to use your app and share their experiences in exchange for a chance to win a free giveaway. For example, encourage people on Twitter to share Easter-related stories related to your app category with a relevant hashtag connected to your brand. You can then select one or more lucky winners to receive a certain giveaway item, including free products or in-app items.

Send Easter Eggs Via Text Messages and Push Notifications

As Easter sales and deals approach, let people know of them through SMS text messages and push notifications. This can help bring existing users back into your app and significantly increase engagement. 

When using these methods of communication, practice some caution. If you send them out too frequently, you may annoy your audience rather than entice users. Generally, sending push notifications around three to five times per week is ideal to keep users engaged without irritating them and causing them to turn off notifications and texts.

In your text campaigns, you may want to implement the following best practices:

  • Develop a schedule for messages that keeps them consistent without becoming too frequent or infrequent.
  • Segment audiences to make sure all messages are relevant and tailored to the recipient based on their wants and interests.
  • Keep messages consistently concise and avoid using too many emojis or messages that go on for too long—people should be encouraged to open the app to learn more.

To make sure your messages hit people the right way, try to personalize them as much as possible. This could entail addressing users by name with your notifications. In an eCommerce app, you can also send notifications with recommended gifts and other items based on the user’s interests and order history. You can also supplement these with emails to connect with people on your contact list to reach people here who may not have SMS texts or push notifications enabled. 

Use Easter Imagery in Your App

Like with other holidays, your app should get people into the Easter spirit with a design that reflects this holiday. 

There are many ways to bring Easter into the user experience. For instance, you can use bright pastel colors, including light shades of yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple for icons and backgrounds. Also, don’t shy away from using Easter-related shapes and characters from eggs and baskets to bunnies and bunny ears. Images of painted eggs can also lend even more color to your app and further excite people leading up to the holiday.

The more your app gets people ready for Easter, the more eager they’ll be to make in-app purchases and take other actions in preparation for the holiday.

Launch Easter Ads

Easter-focused ad campaigns can also supplement other ads. You can incorporate Easter-themed designs in your visual ads while also targeting Easter-related keywords in your PPC campaigns. Specifically, look for keywords in your app’s niche and try to target those to make sure your ads are seen above others. Based on the performance of your ads, you can continually optimize your campaigns to yield the highest ROI.

Using the keywords you discover when researching PPC ads, you can optimize other marketing materials. For example, you may discover that keywords around Easter egg hunts are more popular in your app category than discounts and sales pertaining to the holiday. In these cases, you may want to build campaigns around Easter egg hunts, which could include fun social media campaigns and more that entail “hunts” for certain giveaways and discounts.

Cadbury launched one such virtual Easter egg hunt last year, which entailed users finding hidden Cadbury Creme Eggs in other brands’ ads, billboards, and social feeds, enabling users to take pictures of them and upload those images to enter a chance to win actual Creme Eggs. Feel free to get creative with these campaigns to keep your app’s users busy this season.

Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment remains one of the biggest problems for eCommerce businesses, especially on mobile devices when it’s even easier for users to get distracted and switch to another mobile app or site. Today, people abandon shopping carts around 70-90% of the time, making it important for you to minimize these numbers during the holiday shopping season.

In addition to other types of Easter-related texts and push notifications, you can send reminders that items are still left in users’ carts. In the process, you can let them know that there’s a limited amount of time left before the holiday ends in the event that those items are gifts. To further reduce abandonment rates, you may also want to send discounts on items in their cart or on shipping to encourage people to complete their orders. 

Another way to minimize the cart abandonment rate is to check your app’s user flow. Consider how many pages your app contains when people go through the checkout process. The shorter the distance between adding items to a cart and completing an order, the lower your abandonment rate will be as shoppers benefit from an efficient process.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Reminders of Ending Sales

As the holiday nears, you can drive more traffic to your app and last-minute sales by sending push notifications, text, and in-app reminders that sales are ending soon. Again, waiting until after Easter Monday to end your sales is ideal as a lot of people celebrate this day following Easter Sunday. 

Let people know that they only have X amount of time left before they can take advantage of the sales period, with personalized offers that get more people to engage. You can also include a countdown in your app with a clock that indicates how long people have to complete in-app purchases. This will generate fear of missing out (FOMO) and bring more users back to your app.

You can also combine these reminders with cart abandonment reminders, letting shoppers know that they only have a certain number of days left to finish their orders and ship their gifts.


Align Your App with Easter to Increase Acquisition and Engagement

By developing the right Easter marketing strategies for your app, you’ll have the chance to grow your user base while engaging existing users leading up to Easter. The key is to dedicate plenty of time and effort to these campaigns to get the most from them as the holiday approaches, in which case you might benefit from some outside help.

If you’re not sure how to connect with audiences this Easter and increase user acquisition with your next campaign, the App Samurai platform can help. Using App Samurai UAP, you can get the assistance you need to attract new users while maximizing retention and sales. To get started, sign up on the App Samurai dashboard and get in touch with our experienced customer success managers, who can help you strategize for the upcoming Easter holiday.

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