App Samurai Presents at AWS StartUp Day

Yesterday we had the pleasure to be invited by AWS for a keynote speech at their Popup Loft – Startup Day in Istanbul, and who better to present that Aykut Bal, our very talented and passionate head of product for App Samurai. 

The event, which is held from September 16 – 27, brings together developers, engineers, entrepreneurs and technology-enthusiasts from around Turkey to participate in and listen to keynote speeches, technical workshops, practical training, and networking.  

Held in the historic Galata Elementary School, in the heart of Istanbul, the audience was treated to modern ideas and innovations regarding development, technology, scalability and most importantly, frame-works for conceptualizing one’s role within a business.  

“What is product management? If I have one word to describe it, I’d choose ‘empathy’” – said Aykut Bal, whilst describing his personal interpretation of his role.

The historic Galata Elementary School, where the AWS Startup Day took place.

The event was the first for AWS Pop-up Loft, Istanbul and was graced by many industry leaders, including Amazon CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels, who addressed the audience in his keynote speech on September 17. 

A common theme of the event, was ways in which teams, and professionals can better understand their market, and grow as a company. 

“Products are for people. People are not simple things. Find ways to understand them better” said Aykut Bal. 

App Samurai was invited to participate because of our fast rise and creation of our MVPs, as this is not only an excellent example of scalability but also of the potential that can be achieved when you have access to a large volume of agile and manipulatable information.

This was achievable, partly due to a strategic partnership, App Samurai has with AWS, in order to host, store and secure our data. Currently, App Samurai processes millions of data points, for example, in the last three days we processed over 1.1 billion points of data. This not only takes a capable team to build, manage and future-proof the structures and processes in place to host, manage, analyze and react to that information, but also strategic partnerships with the right infrastructure to assist that process. 

Aykut Bal, head of product for App Samurai, giving a presentation.

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