Your Complete Guide to Mobile Medical Category

What is Mobile Medical

Mobile medical or medical applications, also called mobile medical apps, are mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets, that assist healthcare professionals or patients in diagnosing, monitoring, treating disease or injury. Healthcare professionals use them to perform medical calculations, analyze patients, and access electronic medical records.

In the mobile medical category, mobile apps are driving change in many innovative ways. For instance, apps can help shift the focus from costly, more proactive, reactive, and mostly inpatient care to less expensive and closer to the patient. These app marketing services can help healthcare professionals work with patients and healthcare providers to manage their daily chronic physical and mental illness better.

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Types of apps

It has been said that the mHealth business and mobile app marketing will reach $102.4 billion by 2022. Many mobile health applications are already available on the market today and are expected to hit the market soon. Mobile health apps are divided into several categories:

Clinical and diagnostic

Using these apps, clinicians can evaluate, collect, and share patient data. The app allows medical practitioners to check electronic medical records, view lab results, or even take digital images. It also helps doctors and patients to diagnose illness and check symptoms. Patients can even schedule their appointments using such a mobile app.

Remote monitoring

It is not necessary to serve all patients on the hospital premises. Remote monitoring apps help practitioners take care of patients even when they are at home. The app allows the healthcare practitioner to track oxygen levels, blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, and more without visiting the patient.

Clinical reference

Once you have these apps, you don’t have to look everywhere for links and guides. You will find all the information you need at your fingertips. You will have digital access to E&M coding, ICD-10, and ICD-9, as well as other major reference documents.


Productivity apps help improve the efficiency of healthcare providers. The app has been designed for home health care scheduling, mobile charting, remote dictation, and internal business communication. These applications are focused on providing these features while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Healthy living

These apps have been designed with the goal of building a healthy lifestyle. The app checks metrics such as diet, heart rate, sleep, and exercise. Such an application can be useful for patients with diabetes or heart diseases.

Top apps

Skeletal System Pro III

Skeletal System Pro III gives users the ability to explore the skeletal system in detail by allowing them to view, magnify, and rotate parts of the skeletal system and watch animations, create notes, share screenshots, display layers, and more. It is ideal for students, teachers, and professionals. It also features impressive animations that provide insight into disease states and functional anatomy down to the cellular level.

Mobile MIM Radiology App

Mobile MIM from MIM Software is the first diagnostic imaging application available for iPad and iPhone, providing imaging professionals with a portable solution away from workstations. On-premises and cloud solutions are available for industry-leading MIM tools for multimodal viewing, merging, and contouring of images. The software allows doctors to connect and share information anytime, anywhere.


This mobile medical app can pull health news from the Internet to provide physicians with the most accurate and timely information on all clinical topics. Its database contains reference information on over 8,000 OTC and supplements, prescription drugs, and herbs, as well as a drug interaction validator and pill ID.


DrawMd aims to improve the patient-doctor relationship by assisting doctors in explaining procedures and medical issues through images. The app allows the user to print, draw or stamp directly on the attached detailed anatomical illustrations. Drawings data created in DrawMd can be emailed to family members of patients so they can remember conversations.


VueMe is the MobileMIM app patient version that offers patients non-diagnostic medical imaging. Users can see their medical images along with their doctor’s explanations. The app has real-time mixing, quizzes, multimodal fusion, videos, 3D models, audio lectures, and text for detailed instruction.

Final thoughts

You can add other apps to the list of the most used mobile medical app! Depending on what the user or customer of the application wants, they can choose the application that best suits their needs. Whether it’s a quick diagnosis and treatment from a doctor or staying healthy, mobile apps play a significant role. With App Samurai, you can make your mobile medical app reach the top.

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