The What, Why And How Of Mobile Moments

What Are Mobile Moments

Through mobile apps, brands have the opportunity to be connected with their customers all the time. But what is the optimal period of day for getting in touch with them, without intruding. This year, in June, Statista published the bellow result of a study with the use of ad – blocking software around the world. Taking that into consideration, marketers realize that they have to adapt and they have to find other ways to promote their products. They have to focus on the right moment to reach the right target audience. Now, it is the time for mobile moments because it is important to select users based on their action with mobile device in some particular time.

Because everything happens on the fly, in a matter of seconds, Google defined a term called micro – moments as instances when people turn to a device to act on a need to complete a task. And when we think about ourselves, how many times in a day we take our phone which is always there, near us and we look for a product, a video, a friend, a definition… for everything.

According to Google, there are 4 categories of micro – moments:

  • I – want – to – know moments
  • I – want – to – go moments
  • I – want – to – do moments
  • I – want – to – buy moments
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Why Do Mobile Moments Matter

In the past, when you wanted to buy a product you were looking everywhere for the best price for that product. Now, it is enough to open an app and to show your interest for a particular product and in the exact time, a promotion for it appears in front of your eyes. Isn’t that great? These are mobile moments and there are some reasons for being so appreciated.

  1. They focus on user’s needs. Mobile moments are built as a consequence of users’ actions with their mobile phones. In this situation, user is in the center of marketer’s attention. This is not about the product, but about the customer.
  2. They don’t annoy the user. As we said before, mobile moments aren’t as intrusive as ad banners. The main idea is to help your user and provide him useful information in the right time, not to attack him with ads and promos that will never make any difference for his living.
  3. Users are engaged and responsive. Customers enjoy pleasant surprises, mainly for their own interest. If a user is so thirsty in a hot summer day and the only thing that he would appreciate in that moment is a place to seat and have a cold drink, a good marketer would let him know the nearest place from his location where he can spend an hour away from the hot sun.
  4. There are not too many competitors. Not many companies adopted this strategy, so it is a powerful chance to take advantage of this technique. For now, not many brands are aware of the benefits of mobile moments. Why don’t you choose to make this step and come closer to your customer offering him what he really wants?
  5. It all happens in real time. Mobile marketers can act in accord with user’s behavior in the exact moment. They don’t need to analyze some profiles from previous actions and the most important is that they don’t have to guess what users would value. Brands can be there when customers have to make a decision for their own benefit.

How Can You Seize The Mobile Moments

Things are evolving faster than ever. A successful idea is the fusion between information, application and timing. We will present some practices to catch the moments that can have a huge impact in your campaign.

  1. Focus on promotions and sales. Most of the customers are looking for coupons and deals. And this is rationale. Who would prefer to spend more money on some product when there are so many possibilities to find it at a lower price? They just have to invest time in their search. So, save users’ time and give them what they want now.
  2. Make it simple. Be careful with your app onboarding flow. If your app is like a labyrinth users will prefer to give up your promotions and to choose a more intuitive app. Then you will lose the moment. You can find tips and tricks about app onboarding in a recent article on AppSamurai.
  3. Understand user’s behavior. Watch how user behaves in a particular time and act accordingly. It is important to catch the movement when it happens, to make the best of it. You should act as an inspiration for users and improve their live with your products. They will appreciate your brand for this and not for trying to impose some useless items in front of them.
  4. Optimize your app. If the app takes time for loading and it doesn’t work properly, in the next second, user will drop it and he will look after your competition. You must avoid that and you have to make sure that your app functions as it should.
  5. Multiple pay options. Users prefer to have many possibilities to pay for a product. Make that for them. Another way to convince them to use your app is to enable payments through PayPal, Android Pay and other platforms that don’t ask for users’ information and make the transaction with just one click. As we all know, time is money. A successful example of this strategy is Fancy, a company that sells unique goods, which doubled its cart conversion by providing facilities from Android Pay for its users.



It is time for marketers to come up with something new to replace the boring and annoying ad banners. Mobile moments are the solution for engaging users and creating win – win situations for both users, which save time and money in a pleasant way and brands that sell the product or service and realize the connection with their customers.

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