The 10 Best Easter Eggs Of The Tech World

Easter eggs are dyed with different colors and patterns, the supermarket shelves are filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies, children look under flower pots for candy. It is Easter Sunday time of the year. Easter egg as a hidden surprise or in-joke is associated with technology in modern times. You can find the secret Easter eggs in everything from software to hardware. They are hidden in your tech just for fun. Let’s explore the Easter eggs lurking around the tech world!

Macintosh SE (1987)

It was hard to reach an image of the computer’s development team in previous versions of the original Apple Macintosh. On the Apple Macintosh SE, all you had to do was hitting the debug button and typing ‘G 41D89A’. After else, you had a pixel, monochrome photograph of the Macintosh SE’s development team.

The Apocalyptic Book of Mozilla

This one is really fun. Mozilla coders created pieces of fake apocalyptic scripture from an imaginary book. It represents the metaphor for Mozilla’s battle with Microsoft (MSFT, +7.74%) and Internet Explorer. Search for about: Mozilla in a Firefox browser to read the excerpts from the apocalyptic “Book of Mozilla”.

Chrome’s Dinosaur Disconnect Game

I think, most of us have experienced this. If you open up Chrome in offline mode, you will meet T-rex dino. Actually, it is an infinite running game. To start the game, press “Space” or tap on the screen which will also jump the T-rex dino. Keep tapping to jump the dino any time come across with the cacti.

Linux Frees The Fish

GNOME panel has a utility called “Fish”. You can let this animated fish swim across your screen by pressing Alt-F2 to launch the “run application” utility and typing “free the fish”. The name of this fish is “Wanda”. If you click the wanda fish with your mouse, it will run away from the screen. Moreover, if you type the command “gegls from outer space” (without quotes), the wanda becomes a warrior and its duty is to kill aliens. Use “right and left arrows” to move wanda and “space” key to shoot.

Google Maps Swimming Directions

Google has many fun Easter eggs. One of them is Google Maps. As you know, it provides useful directions when you try to learn how you go from somewhere to somewhere. However, it could suggest you swimming. When you inevitably run out of drivable roads and reach the coast, it simply instructs users to “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean.”

Google Bubble Level

Google’s search engine is full of surprises. One of them is “bubble level”. Just open Google Search in Chrome and search for “bubble level” on smartphone. It is an interactive leveler helping you to determine if the phone is level.

GTA Playboy Mansion

Another platform that has many Easter eggs is GTA 5. One of them is “Playboy Mansion”. In GTA V you come across a mansion with a grotto swimming area and (of course) several topless female party-goers.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book app for the iPhone has a hidden copy of the 1926 edition of the Kelly Blue Book just waiting to be found. shake your phone for a bit and a new window will pop up with the 1926 version of the book. To return to the normal app, just press the “Home” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Zerg Rush

Another Google Easter egg! Turn your search results page into a fun point-and-shoot game by searching for “zerg rush”. Your search results are quickly overtaken by a falling wave of red and yellow-colored zeroe’s. Your job is to click on each enemy to protect your search results and sidebar from these mini zeroes.

OS X Tetris

Old Unix programmers hid a few games in the code. Open Terminal, type ‘emacs’ and press ‘Esc’ and ‘X’ together, then type ‘tetris’. It opens up a Tetris game. If you replace ‘tetris’ with ‘pong’ or ‘snake’, it will give you the retro games.

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