SponsorPay is a mobile advertisement company that spotlights on producing client engagement by means of motivations. SponsorPay permits clients to gain premium in-application content, virtual coin and different administrations in return for activities, for example, introducing an application, finishing a marketing review, viewing a video promotion, or navigating to a advertised offer. The system utilizes a blend of pre and interstitial promotions, offer dividers and standards to convey offers.


SponsorPay works with various significant diversion engineers, for example, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. The organization is headquartered in Berlin with workplaces in San Francisco, London, Paris and Tokyo. The company interfaces application developers and media organizations with publicists through the force of technology. Over each gadget. We are a free advertising tech organization gave to conveying worldwide audience at scale through an intense cross-platform monetization and ads arrangement.


Website: http://www.fyber.com/