Perfect Mobile App Ideas For 2018

“There’s An App For That” is Apple’s trademark used in 2009, in a commercial for iPhone 3g. If this is true then why, after almost 10 years, thousands of new apps are submitted to app stores every day? Probably there is still room for one more amazing app in this overcrowded marketplace. And we will help you find it.

Best Places Where You Can Find Perfect App Ideas

From our experience in analyzing successful apps available on app stores, we can say that being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of this fact makes the difference in this industry. While app ideas can be found everywhere, there are some common methods known for generating great concepts. Let’s see mobile app ideas!

Your Business

It is almost impossible nowadays to run a successful company without building a mobile app around your business. There is no way around it. Taking into account customers’ behavior, you have to make sure that they see your brand in the moment they need your product. It’s that simple! But knowing that your business needs an app isn’t enough for building it; you need to design the app according to your customers’ interest and to enhance the entire experience provided through your website. Maybe AliExpress will inspire you in this case.

Your Life

Now, think about your problems! When you solve them, try to observe if those solutions are a good fit for mobile landscape. This is how things evolved for Airbnb app. If you find a way to help others with your app then you don’t need to search anymore; you have your great idea. In the same time, you can focus on your passions or hobbies. Maybe there is an entire world out there who would love to try these new activities. This is actually the story of Alto’s Adventure.

Your Community

Perhaps you don’t have any problems (is that possible?) but other members of your family encountered some difficulties which can be solved with an app. Just like Otsimo helps kids with autism. If you don’t discover anything, go further. Ask your friends, your neighbors or other members of your online communities. It is your chance to support them and to make the world a better place. Not to mention that you can build a real business if your app is really useful.

App Stores

When you want to find the next sensation you have to keep up with the latest trends of the moment. In fact, we have an entire folder created for this purpose, as an up – to – date source of information. Now, let’s ask you something. Have you ever thought that you can find an idea for your app exactly where all apps are? Apple App Store and Google Play Store tell you what is working and what isn’t. Follow the top grossing apps from both markets and try to understand the right direction for you.

Other Apps

On the other hand, you can analyze the apps that failed. What went wrong? Why users where unsatisfied? Maybe you can do better. Analyze those complaints and improve that app. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but it is forbidden to copy other apps!  Perhaps you can solve those impossible errors in order to offer a perfect product. Redesign it for offering a great experience. Implement an innovative feature and change the way customers interact with it.

Best Practices When You Have An Idea For An App

Now that you discovered where to find amazing app ideas it is essential to know what to do with them. What should be done after finding the mobile app ideas? Here are our advices when you think you found the next big thing.

Validate Your Idea

When you find an idea that seems to work you have to validate it. There are plenty of ways and tools that can help you with that, but the most important aspect is to share your thoughts only with trustful people and remember, don’t let anyone discourage you without valid reasons!

Build A MVP For Your Idea

It is important to create a Minimum Viable Product at first and to decide if your plan will offer you the wanted results. Maybe your brilliant idea will become #1 in its category or it will be a huge failure. This is your chance to predict the future.

Build The App

An idea remains an idea until the app is created. You can’t say that you’ve reached success if it is still an idea after a while. So, if experts appreciated your MVP, then build that app! What have you got to lose? In case you are afraid to release it for the general audience try a soft launch and see how it goes.

Promote Your App

And you’ve built your app! So what? It doesn’t matter how great your app is if users don’t know about it. What’s the point of creating a solution that helps others if those people can’t find it? This is the reason why you have to build a smart marketing strategy.

Great Mobile App Ideas

We will share with you some ideas that can help you find your next big success. Please note the moment of writing this article because by tomorrow these apps could be already on the market. You never know in this dynamic ecosystem!

Offline Socialization

The trend of the moment is to combine virtual world with real life. And we are not talking about AR. People often feel very guilty after spending that much time on their mobile devices. Therefore, they appreciate offline experiences offered by their smartphones. For this reason, try to provide various activities for your customers.

Help For Elderly Persons

Millennials represent the most wanted group of users for the majority of app owners. But you shouldn’t forget about other generations. An app for grandparents which want to stay in touch with their children and grandkids can be very useful. If the same app allows them to organize their photos and other precious documents then it is even better. Keep it as simple as possible!

Teach Parents How To Communicate With Their Kids

There are a lot of apps that help parents to communicate with their children’s teachers, but how about creating a real bond with their kids before learning how to approach their professors? Think about an app that encourages parents and kids to share their emotions and to spend more time together.

Allow Users To Brag

Almost all people like to talk about their achievements. Apparently; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t enough for them to speak about their success. Whether they’ve lost weight or they graduated college, you can offer them a dedicated app for sharing their accomplishments (with visual proofs).

Offer An Exclusive Channel For App Owners And Users

As an app developer, you know how hard can be to discover your users’ opinions. So, you understand the utility of an app specially designed for this scope. Transform app owners into your users and help them gather all the feedback they need for their creation.

Final Thoughts

So, these are our ideas for new apps. If you like one of them, then go for it and tell us about your product. If not, just keep your eyes open. A new app concept and app ideas can be right around the corner!

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