Since 2010, Mister Bell organization has been working constantly and with their best to compete in the world of mobile advertising. The CEO Philippe Lourenco has taken different steps and ideas from their team to make their company recognizable and helpful for their clients. They are now audience targeting and mobile inventory optimization with their technology, Data Moksha. Mister Bell is an organization come into success with their team of different backgrounds, and thinking of new ideas for their clients in the most effectual cost manner.


mNectar in the world of technology mNectar is a company known worldwide as app streaming. mNectar’s CEO Wally Nguyen has used their technology and with their team’s new ideas they have learned on how to take the jump to advertising and mobile app distribution. This is not only about ideas but they have the most accomplished advisors, investors, and advertisers. To set on the road of success mNector has the most successful app developers.