Kochava is a mobile application marketing tracker with a one of a kind methodology, it takes a gander at all gadget identifiers as equivalent and in that capacity can coordinate the identifiers of various distributers to give successful investigation and answering to sponsors.


Despite this, Kochava likewise consequently draws in a gadget fingerprinting framework, utilizing various calculations incorporating bearer and geo-area to match snaps to introduce with a precision rate of 85%. Offering profound level reconciliation bolster, Kochava underpins server-to-server joining and additionally a SDK for Android and iOS. Match reporting for every attribution incorporates how (gadget, hash sorts and so on) and Cohort examination is offered for ROI overlay and also the improvement as per different battle measurements (clicks, introduces, post-introduce income and so forth).


Its main features include Largest Network and Publisher integration, Configurable Attribution, Smart Link, Media Guide, Kochava Optimization Beacon, and Kochava Analytics.


Website: https://www.kochava.com/