How to Promote Mobile Racing Games

Mobile gaming is higher than ever, and while many gamers are hooked to their consoles like PlayStation or Xbox, there’s another type of game that’s gaining traction: mobile racing games. These games are perfect for anyone who loves cars, fast-paced action, or just wants something fun to do in their spare time.

So, how do you promote a mobile racing game? It’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You need to know your audience and find the best way to reach them. This blog post will explore some of the most popular ways and give examples of how they can be used for marketing purposes.

Mobile Racing Game’s Business Model

Before we move on to review the most efficient methods for promoting mobile racing games, you need to know about the best way to monetize these games. If you look closely at the famous games on Google Play and Apple App Store, you will see that most games have a freemium model, and users prefer them the most.

Users like to play the game for free, but users will pay for it if your game is loaded with excellent features. The approach is common among users. However, you will have to convince the users to pay for the app.

You can also offer a free version first to as many users as possible, and if they love the gaming experience, they won’t mind paying for the game’s premium features. We don’t mean that it is prohibited to list your product in premium racing games.

But before you do so, ensure that your users are willing to purchase the game without even using it. And if you can afford it, add your racing game in-app purchases, but it mainly depends on your game and its popularity.

Promotion of Mobile Racing Games

Below are a few key points and strategies that you need to take into account when promoting your mobile racing game.

Partners and Players

You are not just building a product for yourself. You want people to enjoy using your app and use it often, so you need their feedback on this project from the start of development. Maintaining engagement with current users is critical in order to improve future versions as well.

Try to determine how your target users prefer to spend their time? Some like to warm up before the race, making sure that everything is perfect for them.

There’s a specific category of racers who also like managing teams, and then there are those users just looking at competing against others in solo events as well. So, before you launch the game, you must know users’ preferences when it comes to mobile racing games.

By doing so, you can focus on certain features to get more impressive results. For example, CarX Drift Racing Game is an ideal racing game for drifters.

Build Loyal Gaming Audience

The best way to make a perfect and long-lasting impression on your customers is by paying attention and fulfilling their needs. Not only will they become loyal users, but you’ll gain an engaged base that appreciates when you offer them more of what they love- in this case, sequels.

However, you will have to maintain the game’s quality and experience. This exact same strategy is used by Hill Climb Racing game developers who attracted users by providing top-notch graphics and features.

Moreover, users can play the game offline, and the overall size of the game is not much bigger. That’s why Hill Climb Racing 2 was immensely appreciated by users. There are many risks in launching a new mobile racing game, but if you can build trust with your users and convince them that they’ll enjoy using the game, there’s potential for big success.

Game’s Cross Promotion

You can also use cross-promotion to convince people that your game is worth their attention. This strategy might work best if you have a smaller project with a limited budget, but it will be more successful in making an impact on potential players who are interested anyway.

To do so, you have two options. If you want to have any other game, you can develop a gallery inside the other game and present your mobile racing game in it.

In case you have various mobile apps from various categories, it can be challenging to entice users and encourage them to download your other products. Furthermore, you can also present other developer’s games. This doesn’t mean that your creation will not be famous, or you will lose your loyal users because those game developers will do the same for your mobile racing game.

The racing game market is highly competitive, but cross-promotion can make your product stand out from the crowd. This is why CSR Racing is gaining a lot of users, and it is the best-selling racing game on the Google Play Store. So, you can easily grow your user base with cross-promotion.

Game Events

Gamers love competition, and most of them like to compete with each other. But this is only possible when there are different challenges for users.

Hence, you should seriously think about adding some appealing methods and features that inspire users to play against each other and other gamers. Try to create various events which keep them engage and allows them to play the game with their friends.

In this way, they will bring more users to the app/game. Gamers love rewards and incentives. This is a winning strategy for your app because people will interact more, word of mouth campaigns work really well too. Despite the odds, there’s a good chance of earning more money after all these competitions.

If you want to read more about this strategy, we recommend studying the partnership between Nexen Tire and Asphalt 8. To sum up, the strategy is a win-win situation for both businesses in terms of revenue but also from customers’ engagement.

App Store Optimization is Key for User Acquisition

The best way to build an extensive user base for your mobile racing game is using organic and paid marketing strategies.

When it’s about organic user acquisition, you cannot overlook app store optimization. Apple’s App Store and Google Play are the most popular market places users visit to find and download new mobile games. Hence you need to optimize your mobile game and app store page.

Here are some valuable ASO tips for you:

Use a short but attractive name.

The game title is vital for branding, and you can also write some descriptive keywords. By doing so, your users can easily find your game.

During the game, the description should include the game’s main features and benefits. Similarly, use relevant keywords to get higher results in the app store. Similarly, you should pay attention to the design of your game icon.

Besides, it is vital to observe and study current trends in mobile racing games. Additionally, keep a close eye on your competitors and what they are doing to promote their mobile racing games.

The next thing to pay attention to is the screenshots and game trailers as they give users insight and taste of the game.

Video Ads Are Beneficial for Paid User Acquisition

While app store optimization is an excellent way to acquire organic users, video ads are more effective for paid advertising.

Here are a couple of essential things that you need to understand about video ads for mobile apps and games:

When it comes to the perfect duration for your video, a few factors need consideration. For example, shorter videos tend to provide more engagement than longer ones (usually 15-30 seconds). Yet, in some cases, 90-second explainer videos give the best qualities. Furthermore, there are various dimensions and aspect ratios for video ads, and it depends on the instructions and requirements of the ad network.

Another thing to remember is that the first few seconds of your video ad are incredibly vital because it instantly grabs users’ attention.

Otherwise, people will continue scrolling and won’t watch your ad fully. So keep experimenting with different techniques to capture your potential user’s attention right from the start. Make sure that your video captures their interest and inspires them to download the game.

Video ads are a great way to promote your game by showing off some of the best parts. They should also reflect on what makes it so entertaining and exciting. Lastly, don’t forget to add a clear call to action button at the end of your ad.

Be Free-to-Play and Inspire User-Generated Content

The best marketing for your mobile game can sometimes come from its users. User-generated content might not seem like a traditional form of advertising, but it has been proven time and again as one of the most effective ways to get people talking about you and your mobile racing game.

The best example of this case is Fortnite: Battle Royale and its massive dive into the zeitgeist and online dance challenges. Everyone from kids to adults to athletes was performing the dance moves mentioned in the game. And the game was not about dancing! So try to come up with something unique that makes people go crazy about your game.

Keep in mind that Fortnite was a free game, and more and more users were playing the game. With time and proper marketing, the dance moves started entering into the people’s consciousness. Pretty soon, almost all were making videos of themselves making those dancing moves.

And this dancing craze was named the Fortnite Dance Challenge. This was a great strategy, and the results were beyond the expectations of the brand.

To be precise, the game developer flawlessly managed to turn their shooting arcade game into those victory dances and earned around $756,504 daily. In terms of installation, the numbers were terrific as well, up to 13,926 daily installations.

Make Your Game Cute, Easy and Unique

Another mobile game that users cannot forget is the Candy Crush Saga. This mobile game dominated the market with over 18,000 daily installs, and it was making a daily revenue of $1,681,34109 back in 2012. This is another case study for all those who want to promote their mobile racing games.

Candy Crush’s winning formula was inside its vibrant gameplay. The game had a combination of cute, adorable graphics, simple gaming mechanics, and forced scarcity. All these things were combined together to deliver an addictive gaming experience that leaves users craving for more.

Users can invite their Facebook friends to play more or pay to continue the play. This was a win-win condition for the game developer. Sending Facebook requests brings a constant stream of fresh users and also helps to improve user engagement while the payments were the revenue for the makers.

The point is to keep things simple and straightforward but attractive and simple. Mobile users love simple games instead of complex games. Everything needs to be defined clearly, from your game’s interface to fonts to menus, so that users can easily play and spend the time.

Final Thoughts

This read shows you how to take your mobile racing game to the top of the charts, and there are many aspects that should be taken into account before launching your product on the market.

Know what is mandatory for success to increase the user base and build a community around it. We hope this lengthy guide has been helpful for you- don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions regarding our advice listed above.

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