How To Create Value Via M-Commerce

All big brands, like Amazon and Google are focusing nowadays on m-commerce. Even though we mentioned huge names, every company, big or small should consider the latest trends for attracting more customers. But what exactly is m-commerce and how to build a smart strategy for your business? Keep reading because we are going to reveal everything!

What is M-commerce

M-commerce is a service that allows customers to buy or sell via mobile web or mobile apps while it provides the necessary tools for mobile financial transactions and m-banking. Statista shows the impressive evolution of mobile commerce and the prediction for the next few years. Many companies with an established e-commerce platform already implemented some solutions for taking advantage of the benefits provided by today’s mobile ecosystem.

The numbers are amazing indeed and knowing the fact that the majority of time spent on mobile is inside apps you should focus on building and promoting your own tool for gathering more digital customers.

But before doing that we recommend you to study your customers and to understand their behavior. Try to observe if they prefer desktop or mobile devices when they browse through your website. You can also ask them if they would prefer a mobile app that will provide various benefits. You can use social media at this stage or any other channel that allows you to obtain the wanted answers. It is better to have a more realistic view over your customers’ preferences before spending all your resources on an app that doesn’t fit their needs. Every product is different and there isn’t a general formula that applies to all domains.

How To Create Value Via M-Commerce

Assuming that you own a m-commerce app you probably want to know how to improve your results. In that case you should follow these simple but important steps.

Reach Your Audience Right and Get Their Attention

You need to start by connecting with users and engaging them. Personalized push notifications represent a great technique for sending them relevant messages. Customers’ data, such as their behavior and demographics can be some valuable factors for the success of your plan. Let’s not forget about location based services. Use all the information you have and be careful with their frequency. Find the right timing for each group of users and announce them about various offers for their favorite items.

Offer Them Opportunities That are Only Available in Your Mobile App

The secret for reaching success with your m-commerce app is to attract customers with special discounts and bonuses available only inside your app. This way you will convince them not only to download it but to open your app whenever they want to buy something. Make your app a habit especially for shopaholics by showing them how valuable it is when they hunt for the wanted products and need to find the best deals.

Listen to Your Customers (Chatbots, FAQ’s) and Take Action Immediately

In order to gather useful data and to help your customers in the same time you need to implement a tool focused on customer support. We talked before about chatbots and this is one of the best cases when you need these technology based on artificial intelligence. Also, put together a Frequently Asked Questions page for the most common issues encountered by your customers. It is crucial to show your users that you are there for them whenever they need your help.

Provide an Unique Experience

Why users have a preference for apps? Is it simply because apps offer them more flexibility and they represent a more convenient environment for their purchases? So, knowing all that, you should primarily focus on these features of your app. It is important to offer a user – friendly interface and don’t forget that a few gamification elements will engage them and will make the entire experience more fun. Try to do as many tests as possible in order to discover what users will appreciate and what tools are useless. You need to offer them an interesting atmosphere that will inspire them to shop.

Make Them Feel Safe

Often people are reticent when it comes to enter personal information like their addresses or their credit cards. Invest in a strong security system and only after that assure them that their data is safe. This is a vital stage because without a safety environment, customers won’t use your app and all your efforts are worthless. Remember what we said when we discussed about AliExpress? Fighting fraud and supporting users whenever they deal with security issues makes your company a trustful and loyal partner.

Successful M-commerce example: Starbucks

And now, let us prove everything we said so far with an example from the real world: Starbucks.
Starting with the first point, Starbucks uses location based services and sends users personalized messages whenever they are near a store inviting them inside.

The app offers special gift cards and other vouchers for engaging existing customers; make them challenge via gamification.

Going further, we can say that Starbucks has a helpful Customer Service page and My Starbucks barista is an AI assistant launched a year ago.

This way, customers can order their coffee and they can pick it up when it is. ready saving a lot of time. This is a really unique experience provided by the app.

Meanwhile, users can pay using Starbucks card. And if they are not sure about the information collected by Starbucks they can read Starbucks Privacy Statement.

So, we rest our case and Starbucks is really a successful business and an amazing marketing example due to its mobile app.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Was that easy enough or you still struggle with little details? Take one step at a time and don’t forget any of the points mentioned above. Just look how Starbucks (which was at first just a coffee company) became an extraordinary experience for all its customers. And if you need extra help to promote your m-commerce app we are always here, ready to support you!

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