Fitplan is the dynamic mobile app empowering fitness enthusiasts to become their best selves. Fitplan has partnered with world class trainers who have reached their peak, and they’ve created a way for them to share their exact workout methods. Through their rich content, users get the unique experience of training alongside their ideal physique of choice – making for a healthier, fitter future.

Find your fitness plan

Choose from dozens of programs designed by your favorite trainers. Work out at the gym, at home, or anywhere life takes you.

Track your progress

Keep tabs on your weights, reps and time, and watch your results take shape.

Stay accountable

Join private Fitplan communities to ask questions, share progress, and stay on top of your game

Device Frame

The Challenges Behind The Scene

ROI Optimization 

We have started with a test campaign with the publishers in US with moderate caps. Thanks to App Samurai AI & optimization engine, we were able to detect the publishers with the highest ROI


After finding good publishers, we didn’t rest. We still kept on integrating with new publishers and continued testing for best quality and satisfying volume.

Competitive Market

The competitiveness of US market and seasonality kept us motivated to take rapid actions against fluctuating bids to stay in the top and get the most volume of traffic.


Fitplan aims to increase its Daily Active Users (DAU) and Return on Investment (ROI) rates by running mobile user acquisition campaigns.

Traffic Quality

App Samurai’s always on fraud detection & prevention engine was actively monitoring the campaign to make sure we supply Fitplan with high-quality app install traffic.

Optimization & Communication 

With our optimization engine, customized install-to-event alarms and continuous communication with Fitplan team to get their feedbacks and take action accordingly, we succeeded to achieve great results together.

Fitplan’s Success Story with App Samurai

  • Our main focus was US campaigns

  • When Fitplan came to App Samurai, its in-app sessions were only 7K users per day

  • We supplied appx. 80K high quality installs

  • In-app sessions reached 35K users per day!

+100 days campaign duration

Focus Geo: US

Platform: iOS

Tracking Tool: Appsflyer

80.000+ Installs Delivered

Avg. Daily Install: 910

Avg. Cost Per Install: $1.88

%5.54 Purchase Rate

Fitplan aimed to increase its DAU rates by scaling up its growth with ROI positive advertising. In order to meet their need for incremental growth, Fitplan has started several user acquisition campaigns on App Samurai and this was the beginning of our success story together.

We supplied apx. 80K+ high quality app installs for Fitplan since November 2018

# of Daily Active Users

DAU – Fitplan – Weekly


Our traffic performance resulted as

%190 increase in Return on Investment!

Transaction Volume

ROI – Fitplan – 14 Weeks


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