Hepsiburada is one of the marketplace giants in Turkey. Making their IPO on Nasdaq in July with a valuation of 3.9 billion, it became one of the country’s unicorns. Such a significant path of success brings ambitious growth targets as an agenda item. Hence, the company continues to heavily invest in increasing its registered user base. As they have reached a plateau in their investment in Google, Facebook, and other digital channels, Hepsiburada started to seek alternative channels for bringing new registrations and driving its figures further up. 

That is where App Samurai came into the picture. 


With its vast pool of resources and targeting capabilities, real-time optimization engine, and a dedicated team with mobile growth experts, App Samurai User Acquisition Platform was exactly what Hepsiburada was looking for. Once the brief was taken, the campaign strategy was built and taken live on the platform, first with the target of maximizing the reach and then optimizing based on install to registration ratios.


The campaigns kicked off in June 2021. Within a short span of time, by targeting the right people at the right time, the campaign has reached the desired level of daily registered users, with a competitive install to registration ratio of 47%. The cost per registration was 61% below other channels, while the volume brought in was 12% higher than the average of other paid channels. 

“With its pool of sources, targeting capabilities, real-time optimization engine, and 24/7 customer support as trusted advisors, App Samurai provided us exactly what we were looking for; scalability with cost-effectiveness,” says Aycil Akkaya, the Mobile Growth Marketing Specialist at Hepsiburada. 

The company continues as an always-on client of App Samurai, further scaling its investment on the platform.


Increase in Registration Ratio


decrease in cost per registration


more higher volume

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