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Senior Backend Developer

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Senior Backend Developer – Ankara, TR

This is not the best Backend Developer job description in the world, this is just a tribute!

Founded in San Francisco and with offices in the UK, Spain and Turkey, App Samurai is now a team of 60 and launched 2 global technology solutions with over 10,000 customers globally. Be a part of App Samurai’s creative engineering team that has built some of the most advanced products in mobile marketing industry for the global market.

We are expanding our precious Development and Product Team with Senior Backend Developers who are experienced with Phyton and/or GO, familiar with AWS, love the microservice architecture, and prefer continuous delivery to boring periodical and sequentially numbered version releases.

This role is about going above and beyond the limits of what can be done with technology as a backend developer to create products and features used by more than 10,000 customers globally.

The backlog is full of next generation projects but we need a seasoned Backend Developers with  curious minds who want to create extraordinary solutions.

Our Backend Engineers are: 

 – Wizards of code building highly reliable microservices

 – Mighty enforcers of security, scalability and performance

 – Unstoppable tech-explorers who are always one step ahead

You will be developing the backbone of the products. As a Backend Engineer, your day to day quest involves working closely with Product Managers to figure out how to solve complex problems with the highest efficiency. Your efforts are important for advancing and the safeguarding of the mobile ecosystem that relies on fair growth transactions between developers, app owners and advertisers. Everything you do helps people who develop apps and games get a voice and promote their work securely.

We are a jobs-to-be-done focused product company. Everything we do is about creating a product that delights our customers with ease of use and helps them gain a competitive edge in mobile media and advertising through our technology.

What you will do:

  • Develop the core product and essential features with your deep understanding of distributed databases leveraging microservices architecture
  • Design, code, document and test with your mastery of Object-Oriented-Programming and Design skills
  • Handle unit testing and integration testing with the team, automate when possible and feasible
  • Collaborate with the product and pre-sales engineering teams to help resolve integration issues with clients
  • Take ownership of the internal and customer facing technical API documentation
  • Provide subject matter expertise to development and product teams in terms of best practices and capabilities to ensure seamless performance dealing with big data
  • Participate, contribute and help develop relevant internal and external training resources

Who You Are:

  • Built and maintained large scale SaaS products on AWS with microservice architecture
  • Experienced with Python and other modern OOP languages for at least 3 years
  • Comfortable with training and working with developers and data scientists who specialize in various fields in their domain
  • Have a strong knowledge of database design patterns and architectures
  • Good at coming up with funny yet relevant names for microservices inspired by the earth’s flora & fauna (more about this during the interviews)

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