We are the first and largest lock screen advertising platform serving various advertisements and content to the first screen of the mobile – the lock screen. Our mission is ‘to enable advertisers and publishers to engage with users on the first screen of mobile.’ Buzzvil has expanded its business to more than 30 countries around the globe and served dozens of partners across industries to develop a more natural and effective advertising platform on mobile.
Buzzvil is a pioneering startup from Korea. We raised a total of $16M in funding from series A and B including Softbank. As of now, our revenue in 2017FY is $30M and we made continuous double/triple growth in Revenue for 4 consecutive years.
The net income has been positive for the past 3 years, while our operating income has finally seen a surplus in 2017. Our service ‘BuzzScreen’ has reached already 30 countries in the world having 50+ publishing partners. We are pretty sure that we are one of the strongest and fastest growing startup not only in Korea but also in Asia.
Unlike other competitors in the lock screen business, we are more focused on B2B business based on our unique SDK(Software Development Kit) technique with a strong worldwide patent. We provide white-labeled lock screen apps for our partners, so they can provide an engaging lock screen display for their customers with simple help from our development team. The content and ads will be brought by our resourceful Buzzvil team. In all, we provide more revenue to our partners, or publishers, and more inventories for our advertisers.

Website: http://www.buzzvil.com/