Appsee is an app optimisation platform that was founded in 2012 and is based in Tel Aviv. Using real-time in-app analytics Appsee can track and measure user behaviour creating key insights for app publishers so they can adapt their strategy. The platform automatically detects an app’s screens and records each gesture and action a client’s app user makes – from there, the data is displayed in engaging yet simple visual reports. For example, an app publisher will be able to see which screen of their app users are quitting from, giving them the knowledge to adjust this particular screen in response and creating higher lifetime value users as a result. There is also the ability to see user recordings, meaning developers can see exactly how their app is interacted with, and can see any problems users may face along the way. Additionally, clients can see which areas of an app users are focusing on and which ones they aren’t through aggregated touch heatmaps – tapping, pinches and swipes are all recorded. Appsee says their SDK is simple to set up, with one line of code needed for implementation and under a minute of a developer’s time.


Appsee Breakdown


  • Pricing: Free trial, Basic, Premium and Enterprise plans.  Contact for pricing.
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Features: Real-time in-app analytics, crash recordings, conversion funnels